Mariam Khan Stunning surprises and twists

Mariam Khan Stunning surprises and twists

Mariam Khan stunning avatar next. Fawad waits for Mariam and her surprise. Mariam surprises Fawad by a stunning dance performance. Fawad gets enchanted by her attractive avatar. Rifat finds them romancing and gets angry. She wants them to get married soon, so that she can get Mariam’s property. Mariam happens to know Majaaz’s message. She rushes away from Fawad to communicate to her dad. She gets upset. She feels bad to lie to Fawad. Fawad gets annoyed with her for leaving away from their date. She calls up Majaaz to know about his problem. He seeks her help so that he can return home. He asks her to get a blueprint from the goon hiding in the hotel, so that they can stop the blast in the city.

She tells him that she will do anything to get him back home. She reveals that she has promised the family that she will get him home and unite the family. She wants to see her family happy. He feels proud of her. She tells him that she will help him so that she can unite Majaaz with the family.

Majaaz fears for her safety. He prays that she succeeds in the work assigned to her and stays safe. Mariam and Fawad, Meher and Zain’s haldi ceremony is conducted. Mariam finds a chance to leave from the house. The family looks for Mariam when she doesn’t turn up for the haldi. Mariam goes to the hotel to meet the goon and get the diary from him. She tries to get her hands on the diary before getting caught. Fawad wants to know where did Mariam go without informing him.

Mariam meets Majaaz and tells him that she has completed the task. He gets happy and tells her that he will surely come in her marriage. He sends her home and promises that he won’t break her trust again. Mariam returns home and cooks up a story in front of Fawad. He suspects her and asks her if she had gone to meet Majaaz. He doesn’t want her to lie to him about Majaaz. Mariam fears to lose Fawad’s faith.


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