YRKKH Naira learns Dadi’s disappointing decision

Yeh Rishta Naira Unexpected Declaration dazes up

YRKKH Naira stays happy to go with Dadi. Dadi stays tensed about taking Naira to the clinic to know the baby gender. Naira thinks Dadi has visited the strange place just because of the love for the family. Kartik learns about Dadi’s visit and reaches the place to secure Dadi and Naira. He has no idea that Dadi has taken Naira to know about the baby’s gender. The police raids the clinic and also arrests few people to punish them for the offence. Manish feels restless, thinking of some bad happening with the family. Police nabs Dadi and Naira for the illegal crime as well. Kartik reaches them in nick of the time to help them and protect them from wrong allegations.

Kartik and Naira defend Dadi in front of the cops and tells the inspector that they belong to respectable family and will fall in such mean traps to know the baby gender before birth. Dadi feels ashamed of her act. Kartik questions Dadi about bringing Naira to such a strange place. He takes them home safely. Naksh and Kirti fall in trouble, and get saved by Aditya. Naksh believes that Aditya has really changed. He thanks Aditya for saving their lives. He asks Kirti to take up the project and have a professional bond with Aditya.

Dadi informs Manish that she couldn’t meet the doctor. She still tries to know about the baby, knowing Kartik and Naira will have just one child. Naksh awaits Kirti’s decision. He gets a surprising news. On the other hand, Goenkas plan to celebrate Christmas for the sake of kids. Dadi gets secretive about her plans. Dadi stays stressed thinking Kartik and Naira will have a baby girl as their only child. Kartik wants Naira to just stay happy. The fraud doctor calls up Dadi and offers the help to conduct the test.

He tells her that he can come at Goenka mansion and get a set up to help her with the test results. He assures that he will not get caught by the police this time. He leaves the decision to Dadi. Naksh tells the family about his big opportunity to head to South Africa. He wants to share the happiness with Kirti. He tells them that Kirti will continue the project. Kirti asks Naksh to go for the work and come back soon. She assures that she will look after herself. Kartik and Naira happily plan their first Christmas with the baby. Dadi makes a wish to get a heir for Goenka family. Naira learns Dadi’s true intentions and gets hugely disappointed.


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