Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Kidnapping twist strikes the Bhallas

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shocking revelation for Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Kidnapping twist gets plotted by Parmeet and Sudha. Raman and Ishita want Mr. Iyer to get fine soon. They tell him that Nisha has confessed her crimes and now there aren’t any allegations on him. Raman feels sorry for his state. He tries his best to cheer him up. Ishita gets touched by Raman’s words and tells him that he is the world’s best son-in-law. She likes him for being the best person. She tells him that he is entitled to all the best tags. He tells her that she is the Secret Santa since he has put her chit in the bowl. They have a laugh. Rohan speaks to Sudha on phone. Ruhi gets angry on him for stealing the phone. She scolds him for the theft. Sudha overhears Ruhi insulting Karan. She gets too angry, but Parmeet assures her that he is the one who will mess up with Bhallas. He wants to ruin the Christmas party of Bhallas.

Iyers get excited for the party. Raman asks Mr. Iyer to just get ready fast and come for the party. Raman and Ishita get romantic while they preparing for the big party in the house. Karan tells Rohan that Simmi has changed a lot, Sudha’s mom is great, since Simmi is caring for Rohan heartily.

Simmi looks after Rohan and wants him to recover soon. She invites Rohan and Karan in the Christmas party. Karan declines the offer knowing Bhallas will insult him. Simmi assures that none will insult them in the party. Parmeet reveals his plan to Sudha and tells her that he will escape from the OT. Sudha asks the doctors to attend him and manages to send him to OT. Parmeet tells Sudha that he is ready to visit the Bhallas and ruin the party. Sudha gets excited to see her enemies crying. Sudha and Parmeet plan to kidnap Ishita and make her out of their way.


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