High Five Spoilers Ishqbaaz Dhinchak Kulfi Kumar

Ishqbaaz Negative entry to shatter Oberois

Spoilers Ishqbaaz Dhinchak Kahani: Shivaansh is the most famous romantic hero in town. He decides to become action hero. He takes help from Nandini, who suggests him to stay with Aditi and observe her for learning action tips. He is playing a police cop in the movie. He wants training from tough cop Aditi. Nandini tells him that action sequences won’t be good for his weak heart condition. She asks him why does he want to do this. He tells her that he is doing this for Dadi and Nani, who has this only wish to see him doing action in his films. He wants to fulfill their wishes before dying. He is close to death and lives life to the fullest. He wants to learn more about a cop’s life. Shivaansh has taken a big decision. He would be knowing Aditi’s life closely.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:
Lovely celebrates Christmas with Sikandar and Kulfi. Sikandar and his entire family gets together. Kulfi gets too happy and dances with Amyra. Kulfi and Amyra’s plan to unite the family succeeds. Sikandar dances with his daughters and gets Lovely for the dance too. Kulfi brings them together with love and innocence. Lovely enjoys the fun time with them. Everyone wants to see Sikandar and Lovely back as a couple. Kulfi sings a Punjabi Jingle bell and brings a smile on everyone’s face.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Anupriya tells Kalyani that Pallavi made Malhar doubtful with her cheap words. Kalyani determines to make Malhar accept Moksha as his baby and swears not to let his happiness fade away. Malhar goes to the Police station. Constable tells that they have caught the terrorist, but he is not opening his mouth. Malhar beats him badly referring him as Kalyani and asks why did you do this? Constable stops him saying that the terrorist will die and stops him from beating him to death. Malhar is shattered with the big lie. Kalyani brings Moksha to the Police station. Malhar hears the baby crying and sees him on top of his Jeep. Kalyani tries to make Malhar realize that the baby is his son and nobody’s talks can keep them far from each other.

Roop: Roop tries to apply ointment on her bullet wound. Ishika asks when he is having so much pain, why can’t he ask for help. She applies ointment on his wound. Roop looks at her and vice-versa. Ishika wears saree as told by Kamla and decides to follow the customs and rules of the house for Kamla and Roop. Roop gets mesmerized seeing her in saree. Ishika helps Kamla in household work. Ranvir comes up with an evil plan to trouble Ishika and Roop.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi comes to meet Pragya to her house. He confronts her for freeing them and not worrying about their challenge. He says you would have filed FIR and let me stay in lock up, but you couldn’t bear to see me in the Police station and fought with the Inspector. He says today I have seen you crossing your limits and this happens when you are not happy with your marriage or there is no marriage between you both. Pragya looks at Abhi. Abhi tells her that he wishes Kiara and her to stay with him. Chachi hopes King comes there and sees Abhi with Pragya in the room.

Kundali Bhagya: Preeta asks Karan why does he get jealous? Karan says I do get jealous sometimes. Preeta says I know why. Karan asks why? Preeta says I know that you think of me as your…. Karan asks what? Preeta says you feel that I am your friend. Karan and Preeta are both on realization track of their love and soon will confess feelings to each other.


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