Kulfi Kumar Sikandar and Lovely’s close moment next

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar and Lovely's close moment next

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar and Lovely try to enact the scene, but face a difficulty in bringing the romantic touch in the play. Kulfi and Amyra see them struggling with the play dialogues. Their classmate makes fun of Sikandar and Lovely, after seeing their poor performance. Lovely scolds the boy for misbehaving with them. Ron’s parents defend him and tell Lovely that Amyra will be spoiled after seeing her parents’ fight. They suggest Lovely to mend her relation with Sikandar, else be ready to see Amyra suffering by their divorce. Lovely doesn’t want anyone to comment on her personal life. Sikandar calms down angered Lovely. Ron’s parents put up a good dance performance.

Ron challenges Amyra and Kulfi if their parents can compete with his parents. He tells them that his parents will win the prize. Amyra gets much upset. Kulfi tells Amyra that they won’t give up and keep trying to bring Sikandar and Lovely closer. Kulfi and Amyra hold hands and console each other. Gunjan gets to see them and then gets doubting on them for their lies. Amyra knows Gunjan doesn’t like Lovely. They don’t let Gunjan know their plans.

Gunjan knows that the kids are up to something. Ron’s parents argue with Sikandar and Lovely. Lovely takes a stand for Sikandar when she finds him facing the humiliation because of her stupidity. She tells them that she can fight with Sikandar, but she will still win the competition along with him for the sake of her daughter. Sikandar and Lovely take the challenge from Ron’s parents and want to win the competition for the sake of their kids’ happiness. Gunjan asks Amyra and Kulfi if they are planning something. Amyra and Kulfi get happy when they see Sikandar and Lovely putting efforts in their relation. Sikandar and Lovely rehearse their lines well, and shock Gunjan the most.

Amyra and Kulfi get happy when Sikandar and Lovely come close while enacting the scene. They compliment their parents for emotionally filling life in the scene. Sikandar and Lovely want to win for the sake of their daughters.

They make a promise that they will never let their daughters down. Amyra and Kulfi prepare for the Christmas eve and decorate the tree. Gunjan finds the together again. Amyra and Kulfi don’t want anyone to know their plans. They just want Sikandar and Lovely’s fight to end. Amyra tells Kulfi that she is waiting for a miracle to happen in their lives.

Amyra talks to Nimrat’s star in the sky and wishes her Merry Christmas along with Kulfi. Kulfi gets happy seeing the nice change in Amyra. Amyra tells the beliefs related to the Christmas eve. She wants Sikandar and Lovely to celebrate together. Sikandar and Lovely bake a cake for each other. They are sure that the girls will be happy seeing both the cakes. Sikandar asks Lovely to speak to her lawyer. He asks her if she is going to give him divorce soon. She asks him why did he sign the papers so soon and send to her. She gets worried for him on seeing him in pain. Amyra and Kulfi cut the cakes and celebrate the festive with them. Will they succeed to unite Sikandar and Lovely? Keep reading.


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