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Quick Reads Karn Sangini: Radha keeps a puja and calls Karn, Urvi and Buas to attend the puja. Radha asks Urvi to have the fruit at night. Karn asks Radha about the fruit. Radha tells him that she has done this puja for them to have a child. She hands over the prayers fruit to Urvi. Buas pass some taunts on Urvi. Urvi gets happy with Radha’s move. Karn finds Urvi in stress and asks the reason.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:


Guru Maa makes Abhimanyu swear that he will kill Deep. He doesn’t want to do any post death rituals of her husband. She reminds his promise. Abhimanyu is raised by Guru ji. He has to return her favors by fulfilling his promise. Abhimanyu reaches Deep’s house and fails the brakes. He hides from Deep. Deep drives off and learns that the car brakes aren’t working. He gets worried. He meets with an accident. Deep gets hurt. Abhimanyu gets spotted by Aarohi, who learns the former’s plan to kill Deep. Aarohi gets suspicious and calls Deep to know if he is fine. Deep tells her that he got a little bit injured, but he wants her to take care of Vasundara.

Ishqbaaz: Shivaansh turns the police station into a disco. He gets his dancers troupe there. He makes a rocking dance performance to anger Aditi. He gets irritating Aditi. Shivaansh plan the filmi scene shoot at the police station. Shivaansh gets Nandini’s permission to stick around Aditi and learn the cop’s life. Aditi gets too annoyed with him. Shivaansh gets in front of her and tries to show his dancing skills.

Muskaan and Ronak leave the house. Ronak is going away from his family for Muskaan’s sake. He learns that Sir ji tried to harm Shalu. He feels that Sir ji will become a big threat for Muskaan. He doesn’t want Muskaan to fall in trouble. Ronak gets emotional and takes the blessing from Gayatri, while she is asleep. He hopes that Gayatri doesn’t get heartbroken by his leaving.


Chakor tries to expose Akash. She has seen Akash committing Rajjo’s murder. Chakor gets the villagers on her side. She exposes Akash in front of the villagers. Akash gets beaten up by the angry crowd. Police reaches there to get things under control. Chakor and Raghav get Akash arrested. Chakor succeeds to defeat Akash with the help of Imli. Imli hopes that Chakor forgives her.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Vedika sings the song to revive Sahil to life. Sahil gets conscious. It gets tricky for Vedika when she learns that Sahil has recovered from coma and remembers everyone, except her. Sahil doesn’t remember Vedika and their love story. Vedika sheds tears when he refuses to know her. Vedika was hopeful to get Sahil back. Sahil tells Vedika that she tell him if she needs anything, he will help her. He doesn’t remember that Vedika is his wife and Ved is their child. Sahil gets to hear his mom’s death news and breaks down. Sahil gets Vedika’s shoulder to weep on. There will be big twists with Sahil’s partial memory loss.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer has kept a fast. He feeds the poor. He wants to do good deeds to cover up his mistake. He gets fainting because of his hunger. Shahbaz calls a doctor to treat Kabeer. Zara reaches Kabeer to take care of him. She feels bad that he isn’t understanding her and is hurting himself by his anger.


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