Yeh Un Dinon Filmi romance and love songs next

Yeh Un Dinon Filmi romance and love songs next

Yeh Un Dinon Filmi romance between Sameer and Naina: Sameer is lost in Naina’s thoughts. Sameer is too happy that his engagement is close. Sameer and Naina get day dreaming about each other. There will be lovely filmi moments seen between Sameer and Naina. Sameer wants to spend his life’s every moment with her. He tells her that she is his life and he has started living since he got the news of their union. They spend the day thinking about each other. They are madly in love.

Sameer and Naina sing filmi songs and dance in the green gardens. Sameer feels his dream has made him restless. He wants to meet Naina and share his dreams. They have got their destination after much difficulty. They want to live the moment. Sameer feels lucky to achieve his love, since few people succeed to have a love marriage in those old days. They are happy that their families have agreed for their marriage after many problems. Sameer and Naina’s romance moments will be seen. The engagement day finally arrives for them, and raises their excitement.

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Ilaychi shuts Pancham inside the cupboard to save him from Murari and Karuna. Murari hears Pancham’s voice. He thinks that’s his Dada ji’s voice. He tells Ilaychi that its his Dada ji, who didn’t get free from the worldly ties. He wants to burn the cupboard and give soul peace to his Dada. Ilaychi and Sunita talk to Pintu regarding saving Pancham. Pintu asks Ilaychi to get Pancham out of the cupboard. Ilaychi tells him that Pancham is still locked in the cupboard, and she is helpless because of Karuna’s presence in the room. The situations are created such that Ilaychi is unable to free Pancham. She wants to stop Murari from burning the cupboard. Murari does arrangements and gets kerosene to burn the cupboard. Ilaychi thinks to break her silence and save Pancham’s life.


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