Have Fun Celebrating The New Year

Have Fun Celebrating The New Year

New Year is a great time to organize your favorite moments of the past year with friends and family. The year has ended and time has come to celebrate coming year with an extraordinary night. It seems most of us has already make plans to celebrate new year in their unique and creative style like chilling out with friends, drinking champagne or staying in on the couch or watching a movie with loved ones. We have come up with some unique ways to bring in the New Year with a bang.
1. Gather Friends for dinner: Invite friends to join you for a dinner at your favorite restaurant and create fun conversation by sharing the opinions and views about the last year’s happenings through a joyful interaction. In this manner, you can spend some quality time with your family and friends. You can even make a memory board of your favorite 2018 moments.

2. Watch a movie with popcorn: Make a big bowl of popcorn and finish it all while watching your favorite movie. So, get ready to pop some corn, get the family together and enjoy.
3. Plan a Craft Party or make greetings: You can plan a party by inviting your friends and channelise their creative energy in making a greeting or craft item. This kind of party goes well as all the members can exchange their hand made gifts with their loved ones.
4. Volunteer your time: Do something for a good cause. Make a plan to spend the day volunteering your time at a local shelter, food bank, Orphanage, home age or any cause special to you that will bring inner joy to you on New Year eve. Even you can invite your friends to join for a cause that will bring happiness and smile on the face of needy people.


5. Conduct competitions: Call your friends and set up a game competition. This can be lots of fun and a great way to get everyone involved in some good natured competition.
6. Make resolutions: Bring your friends together and make a New Year resolution and try to strictly follow it without any delay or hesitation.
7. Make better choice: Always choose to be in a pleasing environment with people you enjoy spending time with. It can make the biggest difference as to the success of your evening.
8. Play a treasure hunt game: Play the game in a house by putting clues under the couch, chair or tables. Whoever finds the treasure first gets to dare anyone to do something.
9.Take a selfie: Stand with your friends while sticking your heads together and take a smiling selfie. Make it a tradition to take the same picture every year to mark your friendship and emotional bonding.


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