Yeh Rishta Naksh aka Rishi Dev’s shocking exit

Yeh Rishta Naksh aka Rishi Dev's shocking exit

Yeh Rishta Naksh and Kirti’s lives will be getting big shockers with Aditya’s return. Aditya has made this possible that Naksh goes away from Kirti during the pregnancy phase when Kirti needs him the most. Aditya wants to shoulder Kirti so that he can make her away from Naksh. Aditya didn’t realize Kirti’s worth. He isn’t repenting for his actions. He still wants Kirti back since her denial to their relation has hurt his ego. He doesn’t forget how Naksh has come in between Kirti and his marriage and got them divorced.

Aditya feels Naksh is the villain who ruined his life. Aditya makes sure that Naksh doesn’t reach Kirti to help. He is angered over Kirti’s happiness regarding her marriage with Naksh. Kirti has attained all the happiness because of Naksh and Singhanias family. Aditya has never been a good wisher for Naksh and Kirti. He will be laying a trap for Kirti in Naksh’s absence. Actor Rishi Dev has quit the show.

The new actor playing the character of Naksh, Shehzad Shaikh will be seen in the upcoming track with Naksh’s return to save his ladylove Kirti. How will Naksh deal with Aditya and the legal troubles? Keep reading.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni learns the threat on Suyash’s life. She feels restless and prays for Suyash. Suyash returns home and informs the family about the attack on him. Falguni shares her dilemma with Niyati. She has to go to court to give the statement against the gangsters. She gets a morning dream that she has lost her family. She is terrified and wants to know what’s the indication of the dream. Niyati asks her to rest assured that everything will be fine. Falguni is much upset over the new problems coming in her life. She wants Suyash to support her.


Shivaansh plays it fair and manages to get a chance to stay with Aditi during her work schedule. He tells Aditi that he wants to adapt her cop functioning by shadowing her throughout the day. He also shows his interest in learning action from her.

Aditi has already showed her action skills and expertise by her action stunts. Shivaansh is impressed by her, but doesn’t fall for her, knowing his lifeline is limited. Shivaansh has been fulfilling the wishes of his Dadi and Nani, and wants to do brilliant action to please them. He signs an action movie just to make sure that he gets the image of a successful action hero. Aditi gets a new case of a kidnapping of a supermodel. She taunts Shivaansh that its a genuine kidnapping case, unlike his staged kidnapping. Shivaansh doesn’t let her expose his fake kidnapping, that would ruin his public image. Aditi investigates the case. Shivaansh also gives the clues to help Aditi in the investigation. He starts enjoying the duty of a police cop. Aditi wants to prove to Shivaansh that the life of a cop is really tough and unpredictable.


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