Yeh Un Dinon Upcoming twists in Sameer-Naina’s life

Yeh Un Dinon Kulfi Ghatbandhan

Yeh Un Dinon Upcoming twists and turns. Sameer and Naina meet in the engagement. Both the families meet and try to pay respect. Sameer catches a glimpse of Naina and gets happy. He stays restless to see her, while meeting and greeting the guests. When Naina makes an entry wearing a bright red saree, she looks angelic to Sameer. He gets on cloud nine with her mesmerizing look. Sameer signals to compliment her. Naina is asked to sit beside Sameer. Naina turns shy while seeing Sameer. The families act happy for them. Sameer’s family poses a problem and taunt on the cheap soft drinks served to them. Mama ji makes it an issue to spoil the happiness. The engagement ring goes missing. It was Sameer’s idea to serve welcome drinks to them.

He tells Naina that he will manage his family, she doesn’t need to worry. Tai ji asks Anand and Bela to get the ring first. Rakesh tells them that the ring isn’t missing, the ring is coming. Rakesh hands over the ring to Naina. Pandit explains the engagement rituals to Sameer and Naina. He makes them exchange the rings. The moment gets happy for them.

Sameer and Naina turn shy while stepping into their new life. They have a cute moment. Sameer and Naina see their rings in their fingers and kiss the rings. Sameer asks Naina not to worry for anything, since the pre-marriage functions will get some hurdles in between to ruin their mood, but they shouldn’t take anything on their minds. He explains Naina that their families will soon know them well and accept heartily. Naina is also hopeful.

Anand does the rituals and gifts shagun to Sameer. He doesn’t want any taunts from Sameer’s family. Naina and Sameer’s friends tease them and have a laugh. The family members aren’t much happy. Sameer and Naina want to avoid the family tensions. Naina’s family is tensed regarding the society taunts. They don’t want anyone to defame them for giving Naina to rich Maheshwari family. Tau ji and Tai ji are unhappy and upset with the alliance. Anand want to make sure that everything goes on smooth, so that Naina doesn’t face any let downs from her in-laws.


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