Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Conspiracies against Sikandar-Lovely

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar and Lovely's close moment next

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Conspiracies begin against Sikandar and Lovely. Amyra and Kulfi are happy and hopeful that Sikandar and Lovely will come together and unite forever. Their wish gets fulfilled. They get thankful to Santa for fulfilling their wish. They happily hug. Gunjan doesn’t like any love story to begin between Sikandar and Lovely, who have a lovely beautiful moment. Lovely’s lawyer Apoorv instigates her against Sikandar. He doesn’t want her to participate in the play with Sikandar. He tells her that Sikandar will prove her as a bad mother and snatch Amyra’s custody. He asks her not to be foolish if she wants the divorce. He asks Lovely to admit if she still loves Sikandar. Lovely and Sikandar recall reading the letters for Santa, written by their daughters. They have mutually decided to fulfill the wishes of their daughters and kept their innocent hearts.

Apoorv tells Lovely that this could be Sikandar’s trick. He asks Lovely to prepare herself for Sikandar’s deceive. Lovely has a belief in Sikandar. She doesn’t think he will cheat her. She praises Sikandar, who isn’t bad at all. Lovely refuses to her lawyer. She goes against Tony and goes to meet Sikandar. Sikandar gets pleased with her coming. Gunjan takes a Santa getup to know about Amyra and Kulfi’s planning. She makes them blurt out the truth that they want to unite their parents.

Gunjan doesn’t want their plan to work. She gets upset that even Kulfi is supporting Lovely this time. She thinks if Kulfi and Amyra join hands, they can do anything. Sikandar and Lovely get into a new argument. Amyra and Kulfi rush them to get ready for the play. Lovely wants Sikandar to be with them in the hour of need. She tells him how his absence has always broken her heart. Sikandar finds Lovely bearing some taunts. He takes a stand for his wife. He answers the couple in his own way. He surprises Lovely by his new side.

Sikandar instigates them to have a fight. He throws a challenge at them. The couple gets fighting. Sikandar teaches them a lesson. Lovely likes his smartness. Sikandar tells his daughters that they have to be jolly and not fight with the family. He wants to win over the world by getting his family on his side. Amyra and Kulfi get happy seeing them together. Gunjan doesn’t want Lovely to play evil with them again. She doesn’t trust Lovely. Sikandar and Lovely get together for the play. Gunjan meets Tony to strike a deal and separate Sikandar and Lovely.


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