Yeh Un Dinon Tonight: Sameer Naina face new twists

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai and more

Yeh Un Dinon Tonight: Sameer and Naina are happy for their upcoming engagement and think no kundali can separate them. Vishaka calls Rakesh and asks about the venue of the engagement. Rakesh tells that they will keep tent outside their building and says there is a lot of space there. Vishaka is upset. She wants her son’s engagement to happen in a grand manner, so that everyone can always remember the pre-marriage functions and also the grand marriage. Vishika feels even if she tells Rakesh, he won’t be entertaining her demands. She keeps numb just for the sake of Sameer. She thinks she has to bear everything in order to get Sameer and Naina married.

Rakesh asks her to inform all her relatives and ends the call without further response from her. Rakesh doesn’t want Vishaka to burden them by her luxurious wishes. Rakesh is against over expenditure. Anand, Bela and Naina get tensed hearing about the tent outside the house for the engagement.

Naina doesn’t say anything, but agrees with the family’s decision. She wants to know what’s Sameer expecting regarding their engagement. Naina just wants the engagement to happen well at the right time. She doesn’t think the venue will matter to Sameer. She wants to take a word from Sameer, so that he can handle his family before coming over for the engagement. Naina wishes that she doesn’t see any shocking reactions or hear any taunts from Sameer’s family. Sameer and Naina wish for a hurdle-free engagement.

Anand and Bela try to change Rakesh’s mindset. Anand is ready to do anything for the sake of Naina’s happiness. Anand tells Bela that they should try to match the standards of Sameer’s family to avoid any humiliation during the engagement ceremony. Bela agrees with Anand. Rakesh expresses his unhappiness towards accepting Sameer for Naina again and again.



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