YRKKH Strange feeling of danger buzzes Naira

Yeh Rishta Naira Unexpected Declaration dazes up

YRKKH Strange feeling strikes Naira. Naira succeeds to convince Dadi that both girls and boys are important to take the world ahead. She asks Dadi to think of the big responsibility given to the women to extend the families. She makes Dadi realize her mistake. Dadi gets grieving about her stubborn wish. She tells Naira that she has understood where she went wrong. She apologizes to Naira for hurting her heart so much. Kartik requests Dadi to forget the past sorrows and move on. He forgives Dadi and tears the agreement papers, which had drawn a line in relations before. Goenkas have a united family moment. Naira enjoys the action films with kids. Kartik doesn’t want her to watch any kind of violence.

Naira enjoys the action scenes. He tells her that this will have a bad impact on the baby. Kartik and Naira have an argument. Manish asks them not to scare the baby by their arguments. Kids complain about Naira to get saved from elders. Naira gets angry on them. Kartik doesn’t want kids to trouble Naira. He asks her to watch something soothing to the senses. She asks him if he will always compel her and control her all the time. She gets a strange feeling about herself. She stays disturbed.

Meanwhile, Kirti informs Naksh about meeting Aditya. She tells Naksh that Aditya’s presence doesn’t matter to her. She finds Aditya hurting Vaishali. She wants to confront Aditya for still being the same abusive person. Kartik does amazing nail art for Naira and surprises her. Naira tells him that she has forgotten about her studies. He asks her to think of her baby. She tells him that she won’t waste her year. He wants to know if she is ready to take more stress. She tells him that studies is a stress buster for her. He asks her to take a word from doctor once. Naira gets scared recalling her bad dream about an accident.

Kirti is happy to know that Vaishali is marrying Aditya. She asks Vaishali if Aditya is troubling her. Vaishali tells her that Aditya treats her like equal, he wasn’t causing any harm. Aditya keeps a watch on Kirti. Naira stays occupied about her bad dream.

Kartik tells her that they will soon meet the doctor. He asks her not to burden herself with work. He wants to take leave from office. Manish doesn’t want Kartik to take offs when there is much work load. He asks Kartik to manage work when Akhilesh is away. Kartik tells Manish that he wants to enjoy each day and not miss the special time. Dadi wants Kartik to give personal space to Naira, rather than troubling her. Kartik informs Manish about Naira completing her studies.

Manish doesn’t want Naira to take work load. Dadi fears for Naira and baby again. She gives her best wishes to Naira. She wants Naira to stay occupied to pass the time soon. She doesn’t want Naira to compromise with her health. Manish gets angry on Kartik who always take work easy. He doesn’t want Kartik to take many leaves. Dadi asks Manish to give some time to Kartik to understand on his own. Dadi gets worried for Naira when the latter has a sudden slip down. Kartik protects Naira. Dadi prays for their welfare.


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