Kulfi Kumar Sikandar projects a shocker for Lovely

Kulfi Kumar Troubles for Sikandar drawn by Nimrat

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar projects a shocker. Sikandar and Lovely meet for the play, dressed up as the true lovers. Gunjan doesn’t want to see them together. Kulfi and Amyra want to unite the new age Heer and Ranjha. Amyra tells Lovely that she isn’t planning anything, but is just helping them for the play. Lovely asks Amyra how come she has got so friendly with Kulfi, how is she ready to share Sikandar with Kulfi. She doesn’t want Amyra to lie to her. She tells Amyra that she won’t trust her again if she hides anything from her. Amyra promises that she isn’t hiding anything. Kulfi wants Sikandar and Lovely to unite. She asks him to get Lovely and Amyra home some how. They share an emotional moment.

Kulfi reads his heart and tells him that she can always know his feelings. She doesn’t tell the truth that Sikandar is her father and is much connected to her heart. Sikandar fails to explain her. Kulfi asks him not to break Lovely’s trust. She advises him to stay happy and keep Lovely’s faith. Sikandar and Lovely wait for their turn. He is sure that they will do their best and win. He doesn’t like disgracing others. He wishes the best to his competitors as well. He gives good teachings to his daughters. He wants to live his happiness well. Sikandar knows her nervousness and pacifies her.

Lovely too helps him out as a good partner. They both try to get back together. They want to give their best in the play for the sake of their daughters. Amyra and Kulfi get too happy. Sikandar and Lovely perform the Heer Ranjha story with perfection. The girls get pleased seeing them happy. Gunjan and Tony get irked seeing them romancing. They get into an argument. Gunjan tells him that Sikandar and Lovely aren’t getting divorced. She knows that even Tony is unhappy with Sikandar. Tony accepts her help to separate Sikandar and Lovely.

Kulfi too sings along Sikandar on the stage and highlights the play. Sikandar and Lovely turn emotional while playing the lovers’ role. Gunjan wants Lovely to end ties with Sikandar. She is ready to do anything to break their relationship. Sikandar doesn’t want Lovely to get upset with him and go away. Sikandar and Lovely sort their differences during the play. This brings a hope in everyone. Lovely wishes for a happy ending to their story. Sikandar’s denial shocks Lovely.


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