Highlights Ishq SubhanAllah and Aapke Aa Jane Se

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Highlights Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer and Zara attend the grand party of Shahbaz and Aisha’s anniversary. Zara has done all the preparations. Kabeer and Zara get lovely gifts for the couple and give them wishes. Shahbaz’s sister gives a costly gift to insult Kabeer. Zara feels she should give an answer to her and defend Kabeer. She takes a stand for Kabeer’s self esteem. Zara gets united with Kabeer once again. She takes revenge for Kabeer’s insult. She tells aunt that she can’t insult Kabeer in front of everyone in this manner.

Shahbaz feels bad when his sister insults him. She gives 15 lakhs cheque and tells him that there can’t be business in relationships. Zeenat tells Shahbaz that she had invited aunt to take help for business, she didn’t know that this would happen. Kabeer angrily burns the cheque. Aunt speaks bitter about his low status. Kabeer can’t take the insult of his parents. The party gets ruined because of aunt. Kabeer wants to bring happiness in his family.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Sahil and Vedika rush to save Maya, who is kidnapped by her husband Raghav. Raghav asks them to save Maya if they can, else he will kill Maya. Maya begs Raghav to spare her life. Raghav tells her that she will die by the cylinder blast. He rushes out before the blast. Maya fears that she will lose her life. She waits for some miracle and cries. Sahil and Vedika rescue Maya in time. Sahil succeeds in the challenge and also calls the cops there to get Raghav arrested. He exposes Raghav in front of the media and protects Maya. Maya gets grateful to them. Sahil and Vedika always work together as one entity and win. Sahil slaps Raghav and teaches him a lesson. There will be a new entry in Sahil’s life.


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