Drastic change in Muskaan and Ronak’s lives

Drastic change in Muskaan and Ronak's lives

Drastic change post the truth revelation. Muskaan changes her style. She turns into a bold and daring girl, surprising Ronak. He likes her bindaas attitude. They go for shopping together. Ronak wants to give her a good life, knowing the women put in brothels aren’t bad, but are forced by the evil doers. Ronak encourages her for a normal living, just like every girl in the society lives. Some goons tease Muskaan. She runs to Ronak and asks him to beat goons. He tells her that she should feel that he isn’t around and then fill confidence in herself. He tells her that she shouldn’t look for Ronak to take help. She handles the matter herself and slaps the goon.

Ronak feels proud of her. He tells her that she should always help herself. They have cute moments and remind the marriage vows. She gets reminding the vows to Ronak so that he succeeds to fulfill the vows. She isn’t Ronak’s life but reminds the fake marriage vows, which is strongly fed in her mind and heart.

Ronak shows confidence in her and tells her that she will succeed in her life if she faces the problems with strength. He wants to prepare her and make her more brave, so that she can stay on her own once they get separated. Muskaan sees life with a new perspective. She enjoys her life, being with Ronak. Ronak hides the fact that he has pointed gun at the goons and made them flee. Muskaan feels her slap has scared the goons and they left. She feels confident that she can handle the tough situations. Ronak applauds her for her bravery. Ronak and Muskaan will be falling in love in the coming track. What will Sir ji plan to break them up? Keep reading.


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