Upcoming in Ishqbaaz Pyaar Ki Dhinchak Kahani

Ishqbaaz Negative entry to shatter Oberois

Upcoming in Ishqbaaz Pyaar. Shivaansh gets happy with the good news that Shivani has found a life partner and has decided to marry. He dances with happiness. He shares the good news with his family. Shivaansh tells them that Shivani is getting married to an Indian guy and will settle with him in India. He wants to have grand arrangements for his sister’s wedding. He tells them that its his dream to have Shivani’s wedding done with much love. Shivaansh prepares to welcome Shivani. On the other hand, Aditi gets investigating about Honey’s murder case. She gets a clue that Honey has made the last call to Shivaansh. She wonders if Shivaansh is involved in Honey’s murder. She feels Shivaansh isn’t a nice person as he appears. She wants to expose Shivaansh.

Shivaansh and his cousins cook food in kitchen while singing and dancing like Obros. They try to enjoy their good times and togetherness. Nani gets telling them about Obros and their unity. Shivaansh learns that Aditi has come home to meet him. He gets blushing and gets teased by his cousins. Nani wants Shivaansh to marry someone who is equal to him in all means. Nani spies on Shivaansh and Aditi when they meet.

Shivaansh doesn’t want his Nani to know about Honey’s murder. He hides the facts from his family and gets flirting with Aditi to divert them. Aditi warns him against non-cooperation with police. He tells her that he also wants to know the murderer of Honey. He doesn’t want Aditi to affect her family by her suspicion. He tells her that he is the protective wall around his family and will always keep them away from problems. He expresses his love towards his family. Aditi meets Nandini and shares the case findings with her. She doubts on Shivaansh and want to find more about him. Nandini tells her that she knows Shivaansh personally and he is a true person. She still gives a free hand to Aditi to find out about the murderer. Aditi grows suspicious about Shivaansh, while he prepares to welcome his dear sister Shivani.


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