Upcoming on Star Bharat Prime Hits

Upcoming on Star Bharat's Prime Hits

Upcoming On Star Bharat Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2:
Bhairavi makes a wicked plan to trap Prince Veer Vardhan. She wants to marry him at any cost, but not by sacrificing her good image. Bhairavi wants Veer to fall guilty and marry her by his own wish. Archie doesn’t know what is Bhairavi planning. She wants to secure Veer and his family. Sumer finds the truth about Bundela family, who is also related to the royal family. Sumer learns that Bhairavi belongs to Lali’s clan. He realizes why she is taking revenge on the royal family, but has no concrete plans.

Ronak get helpless with he learns about Gayatri’s condition. He meets Gayatri at the hospital and apologizes to her since he can’t return to her until Sir ji fulfills his demands and speaks his truth to Gayatri. Ronak thinks of revealing Aarti to Muskaan. He takes Muskaan to the hospital by hiding about Aarti. Muskaan gets asking him about the surprise.

Ronak makes Muskaan unite with her mother. He hopes Muskaan will help Aarto recover her mental balance completely. Muskaan gets a big surprise on uniting with her long-lost mother. She determines to help Ronak and expose his evil father.

Jiji Maa:
Destiny brings Suyash and Falguni together once again. They meet in the hospital for the medical aid of their son Govind, whom they have lost years ago. They don’t know the identity of the boy whom they are helping. Falguni learns that Suyash has got the boy admitted for the treatment and gave her name as the mother. She gets emotional and sees Govind in the boy. Govind calls her mum and makes a connect with her. Falguni wants to know more about him. Govind will play a major role in uniting them and ending the bitterness in their relation.


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