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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Spoilers Hit Shows on the Block Ishq Mein Marjawa: Mr. X wants revenge on Deep. Aarohi is supporting Deep now. She is ready to fight all his enemies. Aarohi and Deep will be heading to Goa. Mr. X will be revealed in the Goa track. The suspense will build up to high level before the revelation. Mr. X will express his intentions of revenge and also his love for Aarohi.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Manjula gets angry on Vedika and taunts her for being so great and giving her husband away to some other woman. She asks Vedika to receive an award for her big sacrifice. She wants to know if Vedika will always reject her happiness by making sacrifices in her life. She asks Vedika does she finds them happy, how can she hurt everyone by being good towards Pankti. She explains him and asks him to handle Sahil until she has time. She says Sahil isn’t yours, any girl can enter his life, he is young and handsome, he may get anyone, if you don’t take any step, you will lose him forever. Manjula stops Pankti from going to Sahil and tortures her by giving her cooking tasks. She fires the servants and asks Pankti to manage the household work.

Jiji Maa: Suyash gets arrested by police when his secretary blames him for molestation. Falguni meets the woman and tells her that she has done a right thing to trap Suyash in the blame, he deserves this since he is very unfair. She talks to negative in front of the girl so that the girl feels guilty. Falguni and Niyati change the girl’s mind and take her to police station to withdraw the case. On the other hand, Uttara gets the news of Suyash’s arrest. She gets happy and dances. She gives soil to people and asks them to have sweets. She wants Suyash to get ruined. Falguni stops Uttara’s madness and shuts her inside the room. Falguni loves Suyash a lot and helps him in tough times.


Tejaswini asks Chakor and Raghav to get married. Chakor refuses for it. Anjor feels Chakor and Raghav have fought and are annoyed with each other. Anjor plans a lunch date for them so that they sort their differences. Tejaswini supports Anjor. She also wants Raghav to complete their family by filling Suraj’s place. Raghav acts in front of Anjor. Raghav proposes Chakor for marriage. Chakor tells him that its not possible for her to accept someone else in her life. She is ready to tell Raghav’s truth to Anjor.

She realizes Raghav’s goodness, since he has given father’s love to Anjor, when he isn’t related to her. Raghav confesses his love to Chakor. Chakor rejects his proposal and angrily bursts out her feelings. She tells him that their contract ends here, she will explain the truth to Anjor and now they won’t need him. Raghav tells her that he doesn’t want to go away from her. She slaps him and breaks her heart.


Soumya takes care of Surbhi’s child. She sleeps near the cradle. Harman does Surbhi’s last rites. He comes home late and finds Soumya sleeping. He cares for her and makes her rest well. He wants Soumya to come out of the pain. Soumya and Harman together raise Surbhi’s child. Soumya hopes that the child gives her an identity of a mother and make a new name for her, but she gets heartbroken when the child calls her a kinner. Soumya can’t accept hatred from the child. She wants to get rid of the kinner tag. She wants to win his hatred by love. Soumya feels the feeling of motherhood is really good. When she lives the feeling of motherhood, the child’s hatred shatters her. The show will be taking a six year leap.


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