Smart ways to keep your house clean

Smart ways to keep your house clean

Smart ways for home cleaning. Every home whether big or small will get dirty. The dirt and dust will enter your home through shoes and opened windows. The dirt gets accumulated on the furniture and on the floor. You have to make some changes in your lifestyle and living habits to make your home sparkling and new with our great cleaning advice for your home.
1. Remove shoes at the entrance: Install a shoe cabinet or make a separate corner for shoes at the entrance to take out the outdoor shoes. Keep inside shoes what you wear in the house and outside shoes or slippers separately to keep the dust and germs away.
2. Door mats: Use a jute or fabric door mat as it can easily trapped the dirt from the shoes before one enters. You have to clean the door mats at least once a week as the door mats are catching all the outside shoes dirt.

3. Clean daily: Make a habit of cleaning your home daily so that the dust does not form the thick layer. You can use micro fiber duster to clean doors and windows as it prevents it from spreading in the air.
4. Cleanse the bed: Change your bed sheet and pillow covers at least twice a week. It is really going to work to make your room dust free. Dust might tend to live in the pillows and heavy blankets, wash it on a regular basis.

5. Vacuum and mopping: You can even use Vacuum cleaner to take out the dust from sofa, furniture, curtains and carpets. Mop the floor daily as water is very effective in keeping dust at bay.
6. Keep doors and windows closed: Make sure to close the doors and windows after morning hours. In this manner, the outside dust will not will not get accumulated.
7. Deep cleaning: It is advisable to deep clean your house atleast once in 15 days. Make sure to always clean from top to bottom. First you have to remove dirt or web from the ceiling using the duster.

8. Soft toys: Keep the toys at the shelf or a cupboard. Do not spread the toys all over the floor and the soft toys can be washed in washing machine and make sure to clean every 2 weeks.
9. Get rid of newspapers regularly: Remove magazines and newspaper every fortnight or a month as they will block a lot of space and attracts dust.
10. Wash your bathrooms: Clean your washroom twice a week as it prevents germs and infection. All the members of a house can get infected if the wash room is not kept clean.


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