Yeh Rishta Naira bold move to cost Kirti’s life

Yeh Rishta Mohena Singh aka Kirti's miraculous re-entry

Yeh Rishta Naira bold move to expose Aditya. Kartik relieves Naira’s stress and tries to romance her to divert her mind. He takes her for a romantic surprise. She wants to know about it soon. He tells her that he can’t reveal the surprise so soon. Naira gets delighted on seeing the wonderful surprise by Kartik. She thanks him for doing so much. Kartik tells Naira that the credit for their babymoon goes to Akshara, since he has got this ideas after reading the diary. They spend some cute moments together. Kartik makes sure that Naira forgets the bad nightmare and just looks ahead in life. Meanwhile, Dadi feels the family hasn’t called Kartik back home. She takes charge and calls up Kartik.

She wants Kartik and Naira to return home. She demands him to not argue and just obey her. Kartik gets upset and tells her that he can’t leave from the resort so soon, the trip will get spoiled.

Dadi gives him some time and asks him to come back before evening. Kirti asks Kartik not to get angry on Dadi and agree with her. Kartik tells Kirti that its just Dadi’s illusion. Naira wants to stay positive and not think of anything. Naira gets to see Aditya with his girlfriend. She doesn’t want Kirti to see Aditya with Neelam.

She learns that Aditya is cheating Vaishali. Aditya gets worried and thinks who has seen him with Neelam. Dadi tells the family that she is feeling like its a warning for them to call Kartik and Naira back. She doesn’t listen to anyone. She doesn’t want to ignore the warning from fate. Naira exposes Aditya by calling Vaishali at the resort. Naira and Kirti make sure that Aditya pays for his mistakes.

Vaishali slaps Aditya and scolds him for cheating her again by breaking her trust. She apologizes to Kirti. She feels Kirti was always right about Aditya. She breaks her relation with Aditya.

She tells Aditya that Naira has called her and made her see the truth. Aditya gets revengeful against Naira and Kirti. Vaishali tells Aditya that she will get her lawyer to talk to him now. Naira and Kirti get insulting Aditya and further enrage him. Kartik and Naksh too vent anger on Aditya. Naira tells Aditya that he can never play with a girl’s life. She warns him against his evil tricks.

Aditya feels troubled by them. He swears to kill Naira and Kirti. Dadi feels panicking when she finds her family in trouble. Aditya gets drunk and leaves from the resort. Kartik feels proud that Naira saved Vaishali’s life from evil Aditya. Naira is angry on Aditya for his misdeeds. Kirti feels Aditya has ruined their trip. Naira gets tensed seeing the danger sign. Kartik and Naira face a fatal situation on their way.


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