Silsila Kidnapping twist to raise the drama

Silsila Kidnapping twist to raise the drama

Silsila Kidnapping twist. Pari gets affected by Sandhya’s words and wanders on the roads. Kunal desperately looks for Pari. Pari gets scared of a dog and goes inside a van to get saved. Some men talk of their problems and are in need of money. Kunal misses to find Pari. She gets away from him. The men find her when she asks them for help. Pari gets kidnapped by them. They think to ask for a ransom from her dad. On the other hand, Mauli is happy to get married to Ishaan. She looks forward for the future. She promises Ishaan that her past will never come between them. She dedicates her life to Ishaan. He gets happy hearing her.

Radhika and Dida learn about Pari’s disappearance and pray that Kunal finds her soon. The men find this a golden chance to get money from Pari’s father. They mislead Pari and convince her for coming with them. Pari doesn’t know that she has been kidnapped. Kunal looks for Pari until the morning. Radhika wants to know about Pari. She stays stressed and awaits Kunal’s call. Pandit gets the date for Mauli and Ishaan’s marriage.

Mishti is happy for them. Sandhya wants to make Mauli her daughter-in-law soon. Pandit seals the date with everyone’s agreement. Mauli gets Radhika’s call and turns worried. Pari overhears the goon and realizes the danger. She wants to call Kunal and inform him about the kidnappers. She makes an excuse and goes away to call up Kunal. She tries to get help from the shop vendor. She calls up Kunal, but he misses the call. Radhika asks Mauli if Pari is with her. Mauli tells her that Pari isn’t with her or Mishri. Mauli learns that Pari has got missing. Radhika tells Mauli that even Kunal is trying out Pari. Sandhya gets irked with Mauli’s inclination towards Kunal’s family again. Mishti also worries for Pari. Pari gets caught up by the goons again. The shop vendor informs Kunal about Pari. Kunal learns about Pari’s kidnapping.


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