Yeh Rishta Destiny strikes hard, Kirti slips in coma

Yeh Rishta Huge decision twist to affect four lives

Yeh Rishta Destiny strikes Kaira and Keesh. Aditya gets drunk and recalls the insult by Naira and Kirti. He feels they are responsible for breaking his relation with Vaishali. He wants to ruin them by getting one chance to snatch their happiness. Kartik asks Naira to remove all the negative thoughts from her mind. Naksh tells Kirti that they should be happy that Aditya didn’t harm them this time and left from his life. They pray that they never face Aditya. Naksh asks Kirti to keep smiling and be happy for the sake nof the baby. Naksh and Kirti also feel like danger is close when someone comes in front of their car. Aditya gets to see Naksh and Kirti’s car and races to strike them. Aditya wants to harm Kirti and take revenge. The windy weather makes Dadi anxious. She fears by the storm hitting the house.

Dadi and Bhabhimaa get alert by the bad signs of destiny. They want to know what’s happening with the family. Aditya follows Naksh and Kirti to hit them and kill them to settle scores with them.

Kirti stays upset because of Aditya. Naksh asks her to stop thinking of whatever happened and just focus on their coming child. Kirti gets afraid when she sees a car approaching. She warns Naksh about it. Even Naira gets goosebumps seeing the same thing happening as her dream.

Kartik tries hard to save Naira from the accident, but Naksh fails to save his dear wife. Aditya gets happy that he has finally killed Kirti. He comes to his senses post Kirti’s deadly accident. Naksh and Kirti get hit by the truck. Goenkas cry when Kartik and Naira’s photo frame breaks down. Dadi takes this as a bad omen and turns more worried. Aditya goes to see Kirti. Dadi turns scared with the storm entering the house. Dadi prays for her children. The people on the roads help Naksh and Kirti who are injured post the accident. People get them out of the car. Kartik and Naira also get injured while driving the car away from the main roads. People call for ambulance.

Akhilesh gets informed by his friend. He learns about the accident. Dadi fears that her children are in trouble. Kartik and Naira gain consciousness. Kartik asks her if her baby is fine. Naira senses her baby and tells him that her baby is fine. She can feel her baby’s movement. They rejoice with the fact that the baby is fine. He tells her that nothing will happen to their baby.

They then wonder where are Naksh and Kirti. They find their car out of the track and rush to the highway to find Naksh and Kirti. Kartik tries to know about Kirti. He learns the shocking truth of Kirti’s accident. He hides the matter from Naira. He calls his manager and asks him to take Naira home. He lies to Naira and wants her checkup to be done at the hospital. Kartik cries for Kirti, while hiding his sorrow from Naira. He instructs the manager not to tell anyone about Kirti.



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