Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Dramatic rescue of Ishita Bhalla

YHM Bhallas plan a grand welcome for Raman 12th July 2019 shita rejoices on getting Raman’s message on her phone. She can’t believe that Raman has sent the message and promised to return home soon. She shares the good news with the family and celebrates her joy. Yug and Aaliya know that Raman is no more. Aaliya tells Ishita that the n

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Dramatic rescue. Ishita gains information about Yug from his friends. Yug doesn’t want Raman to act smart. He calls up Raman and asks him if he doesn’t love his wife. He scolds Raman for getting Bala along. He gets threatening Raman. Raman gets concealing about the call and hurriedly leaves from there. Bala gets suspicious about Yug, when he sights him for a moment. He can’t believe that he has seen Adi just now. Raman asks Bala why did he come out and ruin everything. He tells Bala that that guy was going to tell him about Ishita. Bala doesn’t know how is this possible that he has seen Adi. Ishita takes Vishal in confidence and asks him not to torture her. She tells him that she won’t outsmart him. She calls him a sweet guy and fools him. She manages to escape from the house.

Vishal tells Yug and Ranbir that he had freed Ishita by believing her. Ranbir doesn’t want her to reach police and complain about them. Yug rushes to find Ishita and stop her, since she can get him a lot of money. Ishita sights Shagun and calls her out to get her help. Shagun senses Ishita’s voice and thinks maybe she is around. She looks for Ishita everywhere, but doesn’t find her. Yug stops Ishita and takes her away. Shagun calls up Raman to tell him about the location where she has heard Ishita’s voice.

She informs Raman about the location. She tells him that she is sure that Ishita is present close. Raman and Bala tell her that they are reaching soon. Yug captures Ishita and ties her up. Ishita leaves a clue for Shagun. She hopes that Shagun will get the clue and win. Yug tells them that they can’t get caught, else their career will be ruined. He asks Ranbir not to listen to Rohan. Ranbir feels he is stuck in the mess. He apologizes to his friends. Vishal tells him that he will find a solution. Yug tells them that they are childhood friends and will take the punishment together. Vishal tells Ranbir that Yug had gone to meet Raman. Ranbir doesn’t want Yug to meet Raman and strike a deal. Yug turns greedy. He tells Ranbir that he wanted money to sort their lives.

Ranbir tells him that they aren’t criminals and didn’t do this kidnapping for the sake of money. Vishal also explains Yug that they shouldn’t misuse the situation like this. They convince Yug and ask him not to call Raman again. Yug also wants to resume his job and normal life.

He asks Ranbir to call up Rohan and put an end to this chapter. Shagun, Raman and Bala try to figure out where is Ishita. Rohan learns about Ranbir’s call. Ruhi answers the call. Ranbir disconnects the call. Rohan doesn’t want Ranbir to cal him again. He tries to take help from Karan. He diverts Ruhi by burning her dress. Ruhi vents anger on Karan. Rohan calls up Ranbir and asks him the problem. Ranbir tells him how Ishita had escaped and put them in trouble. Rohan asks Ranbir to give him some time. Yug asks Rohan to end this matter soon. Raman reaches the place to find Ishita. Rohan learns the same thing and gets worried. Raman finally finds Ishita, when Rohan instructs his friends to leave Ishita free and rush out of the house. Raman gets his life back in the form of Ishita.


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