Yeh Rishta AgniPariksha for Kartik More twists ahead

Yeh Rishta Kartik weird behavior rises many twists

Yeh Rishta AgniPariksha for Kartik. Naira falls unconscious because of the labor pain. She visits another hospital where Kirti is admitted. She gets attended by the doctor. The doctor asks nurse to rush Naira to the operation theatre. She gets troubled since she doesn’t know anything about Naira’s medical history and pregnancy case. She wants some insight about the pregnancy complications, so that Naira’s life doesn’t fall in risk. She tells the nurse that they have to find Naira’s medical history, since they don’t have time to conduct all the tests in detail. She assures Naira that she will give her best treatment. Time flies by. Doctor worriedly starts Naira’s treatment seeing her labor pains getting high. She asks Naira to help them and inform them about her family.

She asks Naira to give some information or any contact number of her family. Naira tells doctor about Kartik. Doctor asks the nurse to check in the hospital for Kartik. Naira is in much pain because of Kirti’s condition. She can’t bear the shock. She wishes Kirti shouldn’t have resulted in such a state.

Nurse looks for Kartik, who is with Kirti in the ICU. Kartik isn’t aware of Naira’s state. He gets worried for his sister. He is the witness of all the bad happenings. He didn’t wish Naira to know any critical news of Kirti. Naira fears for Kirti and her baby’s safety. Naira and her baby fall in trouble due to the tension. Kartik learns about Naira’s state. He gets a big shock seeing Naira fighting with her fate. Kartik gets troubled seeing both Naira and Kirti in tough times.

Jiji Maa:
Devraj learns about Suyash hiding in Falguni’s house. He plans another attack on Suyash to kill him. Suyash gets a call for the urgent meeting. He has to get the big deal for Rawat textiles. Falguni asks him not to risk life and stay at home. He doesn’t listen to her and tells her that his deal is very important. Suyash goes out of Falguni’s house and gets kidnapped by Devraj. Devraj takes Suyash away to kill.

Falguni follows Suyash to save his life. She gets hurt in an attempt to save him. Suyash and Falguni return home. He gets thankful to her. Laddoo becomes a savior for them once again. Suyash gets treating Falguni when Laddoo shows her wounds. Suyash has hurt her heart by throwing her out of the house. He didn’t think of her sorrow and just treated like her a commodity. Falguni wishes Suyash could see the wound on her heart and heal it with his love. She wants Suyash to accept her back in his life. She doesn’t let her self-esteem get hurt and prefers to live alone. Suyash is helpless to care for her on Laddoo’s saying. Laddoo reminds Suyash how Falguni has done his aid before. Laddoo will be reviving Suyash and Falguni’s love.


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