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TR’s Quick Reads Ishqbaaz Jiji Maa. Kesari Nandan: Jagat recovers from his wounds. He tells Hanumant that he can fight anyone and will surely win. He tells the family that he is ready to face any opponent. Hanumant wants his son to win the Bharat Kesari award. Jagat promises him that he will fulfill his dreams. Even Kesari aims to win the award for Hanumant. She is also much interested in Dangal. She takes a disguise and comes for the Dangal on Hanumant’s call. She didn’t get any training from Hanumant, but has learnt everything by watching Hanumant training Jagat. She knows all the tricks of wrestling. She doesn’t deter and reaches the Dangal ground to fight with Jagat. Hanumant blesses both of them and asks them to fight. Kesari fights Jagat well.

Hanumant gets impressed seeing Kesari fighting so well. He isn’t aware that Kesari has taken disguise of a boy and came for the Dangal. He tells Kesari that he will be training her for Dangal, along with Jagat, which gives her immense happiness. Kesari has a tough task on her shoulders, that’s to hide her identity from her own family.

Jija Ji Chath Par Hai:
Ilaychi and Pancham have a moment. She compliments his new look with the moustache. Pancham wants to impress her. Karuna breaks their romance. Karuna gets a bad news for them regarding Murari. They rush to find Murari.

Shivaansh attends a press meet. The reporters and fans surround Shivaansh. Mannat wants to clear the crowd so that she can go ahead. She tells the girl that she will aim a stone at the crowd to disperse them. Shivaansh gets hit by the stone. He wonders who has hit him. Mannat hides from him. She didn’t know she will be hitting the superstar by mistake. She rushes away from there to get saved.

Jiji Maa:
Suyash gets kidnapped by Devraj. Falguni and Niyati take a disguise and reach the place to Save Suyash. Falguni diverts the goons’ attention and frees Suyash. The goons try to catch them. Suyash gets into a fight with the goons. Falguni calls the police there. Niyati gets at the knife point. The goon threatens to kill her. Police arrives at the right time and arrests the goons. Falguni wants Suyash to realize his mistake and not risk his life in madness. She becomes his savior once again.

Internet Wala Love:
Jai’s Dada and Dadi are happy knowing Jai is in love with Aadhya. They like Aadhya a lot. They dance and celebrate the good news. They ask him to confess love to Aadhya soon. Jai and Aadhya’s dreamy romance will be seen. Dada ji doesn’t want him to delay more. Rupa and Shubhankar have a heated argument. Jai and Aadhya try to calm them down. They don’t want their parents to have any clash. Shubhankar doesn’t like Jai and Aadhya’s meetings. He knows Aadhya isn’t interested in Jai. He asks Rupa to control her son from meeting Aadhya again. Rupa defends her son. Jai apologizes to Shubhankar. Aadhya asks Shubhankar not to misunderstand Jai. Rupa asks Shubhankar to ask his daughter if she loves Jai. She angers Shubhankar by her remarks on Aadhya’s character.


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