Yeh Un Dinon Big trouble to strike Sameer

Yeh Un Dinon Wedding accomplished for Sameer-Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Big trouble. Sameer and Naina are facing many troubles every now and then. He wants to marry Naina by going against the family. Anand is supporting Sameer. He has promised Sameer that he will convince Rakesh. He tells Rakesh that Sameer is a nice guy and they should accept Sameer. Naina gets upset with Rakesh’s cold response. Sameer meets Naina and tries to relieve her tensions. Sameer and Naina check the wedding invitation cards. Sameer tells her that he was very much excited to show her the card. Naina gets happy to check the card. She gets a big shock when she sees Late written before her dad’s name. She asks Sameer how did the blunder happen, why did he mention Late Rakesh Agarwal. She doesn’t want the wrong card to be read by her family. Sameer gets worried as well.

Sameer can’t believe the mistake done by his friends. He tells Naina that its a printing error and apologizes to her. Naina knows Sameer can never do such a mistake intentionally. Naina’s family checks the card and creates a big issue out of it. Rakesh fumes on Sameer and tells him that he knows his intentions well.

He tells Sameer that Naina has lost her mother, but her father is still alive. He rages by doubting on Sameer. Sameer explains that its not his fault. He promises to rectify the mistake. He apologizes to Rakesh. Rakesh says you always do this, you make mistakes and come up with a sorry to slap me. He asks Sameer to try and use less sorry. He tells Anand that they have chosen a wrong guy for Naina. Sameer tells Rakesh that he is ready to bear any punishment, but he doesn’t want to annoy anyone. He tells Rakesh that even if friends didn’t do this mistake knowingly.

Rakesh and Tai ji yell at Sameer and don’t listen to him. Anand consoles Sameer. He assures that he will talk to the family and try to clear the misunderstanding. Sameer takes stress with Rakesh’s anger. Later on, Sameer and Naina have a romantic moment. Sameer writes their names on the wall and tells her that they will never get separated now. Naina gets happy with Sameer’s confident assurance. Preeti teases them jokingly.


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