Shakti Varun to create a stir in Soumya’s life

Shakti Varun to create a stir in Soumya's life

Shakti Varun creates a stir: Harak Singh realizes Soumya is auspicious for the family and love them selflessly. He gets touched when Soumya saved everyone from the bomb blast. Harman saves Harak Singh when Gurmeet points the knife at Harak Singh and threatens Sukha. Harak Singh comes home and hears Preeto asking Harman and Soumya to leave with Soham. Harman tells that Preeto is right and they shall go somewhere for Soham’s safety. Harak Singh stops them and says nobody will go from the house, neither Harman and Soham nor Soumya. Soumya gets happy and emotional when Harak Singh nods his head accepting her. Harman and Preeto get happy too. Harak Singh says they will face Sukha, Varun, and Maninder altogether for Soham and he will see who is having the courage to snatch his grandson.

Harman and Soumya celebrate their togetherness and joy with the family. The entire family is together. Harak has accepted Soumya and Soham in the family, and surprised everyone.

Harman accepts Soham as his family heir. The family plans a photo shoot with Soham. They all get decked up and pose for the lovely pictures together with Soham. They express their joy by their smiling faces. The photo shoot goes well. Varun can’t see Harman and Soumya happy. He breaks into their family time and takes an entry there with the police. He shocks them and tells them that he has come to take his child with him.

Varun takes advantage of the police presence and gets into the family photos. He gets his picture clicked with Soham. Harman makes Varun pose but at a distance from Soumya and Soham. Harman protects his family. He explains the inspector that they have adopted Soham, and now Soham is his son. He tackles Varun. He knows Varun will keep interfering to spoil their happiness. He is prepared to face Varun’s tricks.


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