Weekend Spoilers Hits and Super Hits

Telly Reviews Weekend Spoilers 31st August 2019

Weekend Spoilers Hits and Super hits Main Maayke Chali Jaungi: Rama has learnt that Jaya is remarrying. She is afraid to lose her bahu. She scolds Samar for letting this happen. She asks him to leave from her house. She feels failed since she couldn’t win Jaya’s trust. Samar cries seeing her sorrow. He explains his intentions behind doing this. He asks Rama not to cry. He tells her that he has done everything to get Jaya back home. He says its the right time for Jaya to realize that she loves him. He is sure that Jaya will come to him, if his love is true. Rama blesses him. She hopes his beliefs win.

Internet Wala Love:
There is a big argument between Jay and Aadhya because of Shubhankar. Shubhankar beats up Jai. Aadhya feels bad seeing Jai stuck in her family. She wants to protect him and asks Jai to just leave. She turns bitter towards him. Jai’s friends ask Aadhya not to break Jai’s heart. Aadhya gets emotional and gets mistaken of Jai’s intentions. Jai barges out of her house, feeling insulted by her. PK is helping Jai. PK is in love with Diya. PK also wants to impress Shubhankar.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:
Akshat and Guddan are in the amusement park. Akshat accompanies her to the ride. She tells him that she will be participating in the competition and paying him the money. Akshat wants to protect her. They will be celebrating 26th January in the fun fair. Guddan challenges Akshat and risks her life. Akshat knows her fears and reaches to her rescue. Akshat tricks Guddan to divert her mind and pacifies her.

Udaan: Chakor and Anjor perform dance on a patriotic song in the Republic day celebrations in Aazaadgunj. Imli finds an attacker after Chakor’s life. She catches the goon and drags him away to know who has sent him. Imli learns about Bhanu’s plan. Raghav and Chakor explain the signifiance of Republic day to the villagers. Anjor gets upset when the people lose interest in food instead the program. Chakor gets the attention of the people by performing dance. She tries to fill the patriotism in people. Raghav and Chakor get a big threat by Bhanu. They want to save Anjor.

Soumya and Harman get the child back from Varun. They expose Varun’s mistake in the panchayat. Varun insults Soumya’s family, who had supported him before. Varun fails to take care of Soham. He didn’t feed milk to Soham, and instead feeds him wine. Soumya and Preeto slap Varun for this misdeed and bring his evil in front of the panchayat. Varun gets punished by the panchayat. Everyone calls him the worst father, who has no right to keep Soham with him. Harman and Soumya promise the panchayat that they will look after Soham well, since Soham will be the heir of Singh family now. Harak Singh and Preeto also give an assurance, since they have heartily accepted Soham in their family. Soumya reunites with her child. Soumya refuses to forgive Varun. Maninder apologizes to everyone, since he didn’t know Varun’s truth.


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