Yeh Rishta Naksh brings huge twist in Naira’s Grahpravesh

Yeh Rishta Naksh brings huge twist in Naira's Grahpravesh

Yeh Rishta Naksh brings huge twist. Kartik gets into a big dilemma when he finds a baby needing mother and Naira in need of her baby. Naira gets shouting and panicking when she doesn’t find her baby around. The family stays stuck on the way while knowing this very way that Kartik is single handedly managing Naira and Kirti’s delivery tensions at the hospital. They want to reach the hospital soon and welcome the two grand children in their lives. Kartik shatters when he loses his newborn daughter. He didn’t imagine that his daughter will not survive and leave them suddenly. He feels like its a nightmare and wants it to end. He faces the harsh reality when he faces his baby’s death.

Kartik then heads to meet Naira and tell her the truth. He fears that she won’t be able to handle this truth since she has high chances to develop the blood clot in her brain by stress and sorrow. He doesn’t want to lose Naira after losing their daughter. Kartik realizes that Naira may accept the bad fate and shed tears, but Kirti’s child definitely needs a mother.

He promises Kirti’s child that he will take care of him as a father, since even Naksh isn’t in such a state to manage his baby without Kirti. Kartik takes a selfish decision for the sake of everyone’s betterment.

He takes Kirti’s baby to Naira and hand overs the joy to her. He tells Naira that its their son, who has brought much happiness in their lives. He feels guilty to lie such a big thing. He can’t forgive himself for this big lie. He feels helpless, since he has no option than to do this. He knows Naira will love Kirti’s baby a lot and fill a mother’s place. Kartik faces a tough time and struggles to hide the truth.

Moreover, Naira’s Grahpravesh happens in Goenka house along with her son. Goenkas get happy to have their son, despite the fact that Naira’s baby is pre-mature. They get caring for the baby. They stay on toes to look after Naira and the little baby. Goenkas have a huge wave of happiness and celebrations. Dadi does Kartik, Naira and their baby’s aarti to welcome them inside the house. Dadi asks Kartik why doesn’t he look happy. Kartik hides that its not his baby, but Kirti and Naksh’s baby. He feels remorseful. He feels Singhanias also deserved this happiness knowing about Kirti’s baby. He thinks he has done wrong with Naksh and Singhanias to lie to them about Kirti’s baby.

Kartik and Naira get a grand welcome in the family. Kartik looks lost because of his guilt. He can’t experience the happiness even if he wills. He is upset for Kirti. He has done injustice with Naksh. There is happiness and sorrow together for Kartik. Naira isn’t aware of the truth. Naira is happy that she has delivered a baby boy and also kept Dadi’s wish to get a heir for the family. Dadi and Manish recall how they have discriminated the baby gender before. They hesitate to take the baby.

They get upset, but Naira understands that they were not at fault. She asks Dadi to take the baby in arms, as she has the right on the heir. Dadi gets happy to take the baby in her arms. Dadi keeps the puja for Naira and baby. Naksh makes an entry in Goenka house and plays dhol to complete Naira’s happiness. Naksh keeps a smile on his face, even after losing his baby. He doesn’t want his sorrow to ruin Naira’s happiness.

Naksh tells Naira that he is very happy for her happiness. Naksh congratulates Kartik and Naira, and makes the baby boy wear a cute Pagdi, as a token of love. He tells the Goenkas that he will always be a part of their happiness. Goenkas have mixed emotions, since they suppress their sorrow over Naksh and Kirti’s baby loss. They find Naksh having a big heart to forget his sorrow. Kartik feels more terrible seeing Naksh involving in their celebrations. He wants to apologize to Naksh, but stays silent. Will Kartik reveal the truth to everyone? Keep reading.

Krishna Chali London:
Veer stops the inauguration function by Shukla and Shuklain. He calls his mother Sunaina there for the inauguration for Radhe-Krishna hospital. Veer tells Shukla that Sunaina is the righteous person to do this ribbon cutting ceremony. Shukla gets a big shock on seeing Sunaina, his accountant’s wife. He realizes Veer’s hatred and grudge against him because of the past connection. Veer gets changing towards Krishna, seeing the Shukla family badly treating her post Radhe’s death. Veer learns a big truth that he is responsible for Radhe’s accidental death. He feels guilty for ruining Krishna’s life.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:

Rocky catches Happy red-handed when she spies on his phone. She has a different intention, that’s to get Chintu’s contact number so that she can call up Chintu and apologize for her mistake. She has broken Chintu’s heart by rejecting his love, and also created a new stir in Chintu’s family, who threatens to leave Dinky’s marriage if Chintu doesn’t return. Happy has a big responsibility to get Chintu back in the function. Happy gets into a fight with Rocky, who angrily pushes her in the swimming pool.


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