Yeh Rishta Kartik unfolds the truth, Baby goes missing

Yeh Rishta Kartik unfolds the truth to Naksh shockingly

Yeh Rishta Kartik unfolds the truth. Kartik asks Naira to get ready for the puja. Naira tells him that she is all set and has to make the baby ready. She gets confused with many options for the baby clothes. Naira tells him that she is missing her family a lot. She knows Singhanias are upset because of Kirti and doesn’t compel them to come. She gets understanding them. Singhanias too don’t want her big day to get spoiled and come over to grace the occasion. Naksh’s entry surprises Naira. Naksh is happy for his sister’s happiness. Naksh also attends the puja kept for his child. Kartik gets a shock when he sees the baby’s hospital tag fallen on the ground. He manages to hide the tag from Naksh and Naira. He doesn’t want the truth to come out, since he fears of losing Naira. Naksh’s presence makes Kartik feel ashamed of his lie.

Meanwhile, once the puja ends and Naksh leaves, the baby gets restless. Naksh goes to meet Kirti and tells her about Kartik and Naira’s son. He tells her that he had to go and become a part of their celebrations. The baby gets crying a lot. The baby doesn’t get pacified. The baby longs for his real parents.

Kartik tries making excuse to take the baby to Naksh and Kirti at the hospital. He tells Naira that maybe baby is having pain in stomach. He asks Naira to allow him to take baby to hospital. He wants baby to find peace with Kirti, since he has seen baby getting consoled by Kirti’s presence before. Kartik decides to unfold the truth in front of Naksh.

The baby goes missing. Naira cries a lot and worries for the baby. She wants to know where is the baby. She wants to get her baby back. She asks Kartik where is the baby, where did the baby go. Naira faints down in tension. Kartik worries for Naira. He tries to get her conscious. Goenka family tries to find the baby. They suspect the newly hired nurse. They want to find the nurse. The nurse was looking for the baby and Naira. They await the nurse. The nurse returns home and gets confronted by Naira. Naira asks the nurse where is the baby, did she kidnap the baby for money. She is ready to give money to nurse.

The family scolds the nurse. The nurse tells them that she has taken permission from Naira and went to church to pray for her problems. She tells that she left the baby with Naira, she didn’t take the baby.

She cries and shares the problems she is dealing with. The family doesn’t believe her. They want to know where did the baby disappear. Naira begs the nurse for her baby. The nurse tries to clarify and tells them that she doesn’t know anything about the baby. Kartik tells nurse that he wants the baby back.

He asks nurse if she will blackmail him because she knows his secret. He gets angry on her and tells her that he felt she is genuinely wanting to help her. He vents out his frustration on the nurse. He feels sorry to believe her. He doesn’t know who has taken away the baby. The baby goes missing and creates a storm in Goenka house.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar to die

Sikandar gets a heart attack. He is put on the ventilator. Kulfi gets to hear the doctors talking that Sikandar doesn’t have much time left. Kulfi tells him that he can’t leave her, he has to take her along, he can’t stay alone without him. The doctor feels Kulfi regards him a father and can’t stay without him. Kulfi asks Sikandar to just wake up for her sake. Sikandar gets responding to her listening to her words, but then gives up on his life. Kulfi can’t believe this sight and falls down losing her breath. Sikandar and Kulfi will be losing or winning over the battle for life together.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji: Happy struggles to meet Chintu. She finds it hard to reach him, but succeeds by determination. She feels she has misunderstood Chintu a lot. She wants to make a hearty apology to him. She tells him that she just wanted to apologize to him for breaking his heart, owing to a misunderstanding. She is frustrated over Rocky. She has vent her anger on Chintu, being in a wrong mood.

Chintu apologizes to her for not thinking of her emotions. He tells her that he was intoxicated when he made the love proposal to her. They both feel very sorry and apologize to each other. This incident strengthens their friendship. Happy turns into Chintu’s friend and forgets whatever happened.

Happy convinces Chintu to attend Dinky’s marriage. She tells him how upset his family is, because of his sudden leaving. Pratap learns that Dinky doesn’t want to come in mandap for marriage because of Happy’s disappearance. He explains Dinky that he didn’t oust Happy. Dinky doesn’t listen and waits for Happy. Pratap wants Happy back on time so that the marriage concludes well. He doesn’t want Happy to ruin the ceremony. Happy returns to the wedding, along with Chintu.


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