Yeh Rishta Caution for Kartik amidst Celebrations

Yeh Rishta Caution for Kartik amidst Celebrations

Yeh Rishta Caution for Kartik. Kartik feels Kirti didn’t make any movement and maybe he has imagined so. Naira gets the baby to Kirti to bring them together. She tells Kirti that she wants the baby to meet his aunt. She asks Kirti to wake up and take the baby’s responsibility. She asks Kirti to wake up and choose a name for the baby. The baby finds peace with Kirti once again, which surprises Naira. She tells Kirti that baby loves his aunt a lot because of two relations. Kartik feels guilty. He doesn’t want to lie more. He thinks how the truth will be breaking Naira’s heart. He doesn’t want to lose Naira. He doesn’t want to fail in any situation. Baby cries when Naira tries to take him away from Kirti.

Naira doesn’t understand baby’s pain. She tries to console baby and takes him away. Kartik feels he is being a bad brother for Kirti. Kirti gets close to regain consciousness because of her child. Singhanias and Goenkas want to know the reason for baby’s cry. They get ahead with the celebrations. The baby becomes Dadi’s favorite. Lav and Kush call him a cry baby, which can’t get tolerated by Dadi. They ask Dadi if she won’t love them now. Naira wants the baby to break Kirti’s coma, so that Kirti hugs him.

Naira hopes that Kirti recovers soon at home. She tells them that their hopes will be fulfilled soon and the celebrations mood will really influence Kirti positively. Naira tells Kartik that she won’t leave anyone who tries to snatch her baby. Kartik doesn’t know how to react. Naira tells him about baby’s vaccination. He gets panicking when nurse cautions him about the baby’s check up. Leela tells him that baby is not premature in reality and maybe the medicine won’t work well for baby. She warns him against the risk. She tells him that she wants to help the baby. She blackmails Kartik for money again.

Dadi wants a perfect name for baby. Dadi is scared that anything can go wrong in the ceremony. Nurse finds Naira spying on them and lies to her again. Kartik asks Leela to go and get the file herself. Leela is upto her conspiracy. Everyone suggests the baby names and get competing. Naira finds Kartik upset and tries to cheer him up. Kartik doesn’t want anyone to know the truth. The celebrations get ahead with full swing. The family witnesses a miracle when Kirti gains consciousness.


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