Kulfi Kumar Lovely learns Nimrat’s shocking truth

Kulfi Kumar Lovely learns Nimrat's shocking truth

Kulfi Kumar Lovely learns a big truth. Sikandar declares to marry Nimrat. He tells her that he is sure that she will keep his daughters happy. Nimrat agrees to him. Kulfi doesn’t know if its happening right. Amyra knows that its not right. She cries and goes away. She scolds Kulfi for stealing her dad. She asks Kulfi why did she ask Sikandar to marry Nimrat and leave Lovely. Kulfi tells her that she wanted to save Sikandar from all the problems. Amyra tells her that they could have taken care of Sikandar. She asks why did she choose Nimrat. Kulfi tells her that Nimrat is a nice lady. Amyra tells Kulfi that she got everything back by snatching everything from her. Kulfi tells her that she will keep the big secret and not tell Sikandar that she is his daughter. She tells Amyra that they have to think of Sikandar’s happiness.

She doesn’t want Sikandar to cry more. Nimrat accepts Sikandar’s proposal. They have a dance in his birthday party. Lovely gets angry seeing them. She creates a scene by getting drunk. She loses her control and insults Sikandar. Lovely tells Amyra that she is fine, but is fed up of Sikandar and his family now. She wants to move on as well. She asks Amyra to dance with her. Sikandar asks his daughters to go out.

Kulfi wants Lovely to stop drinking. Lovely vents her anger on Kulfi. She asks Kulfi not to celebrate her victory. She wants to defeat Kulfi. She wants to return all the pain to Kulfi. Nimrat wants to marry Sikandar.

She tells her friend that it was her plan to come in Sikandar’s life and oust Lovely. She is mad about Sikandar. Lovely realizes the big truth about Nimrat’s bunch of lies. Nimrat tells her friend that she will make Sikandar dance on her tunes after marriage. She doesn’t have any emotions for Kulfi. She tells that she will out Kulfi and Amyra, along with the family members so that she can rule over Sikandar. Lovely learns evil intentions of Nimrat. Lovely congratulates Sikandar.

She is happy that he is marrying a wrong girl. She knows that he won’t believe her even if she warns him. Amyra asks Lovely why did she cheat and not keep the promise. She holds Lovely responsible for provoking Sikandar’s anger. Lovely asks her not to take tension, everything will be soon fixed. Amyra doesn’t believe her. Lovely tells her that she will never break the promise and not lose in her life. She promises to oust Kulfi from Sikandar’s life. She asks Amyra to trust her and then have Sikandar with her forever. Amyra promises to help Lovely. Nimrat fools Kulfi in her words. Kulfi gets suspicious about Nimrat after meeting one of her friend. Kulfi will soon learn Nimrat’s evil truth.


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