Yeh Rishta Stunning move Naira handovers Krish to Kirti

Yeh Rishta Stunning move Naira handovers Krish to Kirti

Yeh Rishta Stunning move Kirti gets conscious and breaks out of the coma state on the day of her son Krish’s Naamkaran. The family gets very happy seeing Kirti fine and stable. The happiness gets doubled by Kirti’s recovery. Kirti gets to meet her family after a long time. The entire family thanks Krishna for making Kirti fine. They regard Krish as their little Krishna who has done this miracle. Naksh asks everyone to see Kirti, who has come back to him. His joy is at another level. He can’t express his happiness by a bunch of words. Naksh’s emotions get understood by everyone. Kartik gets tensed and looks at Kirti from far. He didn’t know that Kirti will get conscious the same day when they brought her home. He feels Kirti has got conscious by the touch of her baby.

Naksh tells Kirti that he was waiting for her recovery and is very much happy. He asks her not to worry for his tears, since its his happiness that’s beyond limits. He asks Naira to come near Kirti and see her. He tells them that same thing happened with Naitik, who came out of coma by the love of family. Everyone happily cries and wish Naksh and Kirti the best in life. Kartik is happy seeing his sister but he is worried as well.

Kirti looks for her baby. She asks the family about her delivery and child. The family worries to tell her the truth that she has lost her baby. Naksh doesn’t want any shock to affect Kirti. He gets lying to her for her safety. He keeps numb, while Kartik and Naira come towards Kirti with Krish. Kartik has to bring the truth out, but he is afraid that the truth will bring a big storm in everyone’s lives, and especially Naira. Naira asks everyone not to answer Kirti about her baby loss. She forwards Krish to Kirti, unaware that Krish is really Kirti’s child. Kartik thinks its fate that Naira is herself handing over Krish to Kirti. Will he speak up the big truth of baby swapping? Keep reading.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Anurag and Prerna’s epic love confession and wedding will be soon. They manage to get free from Navin and his goons. After a unity moment, they will be now facing troubles in the form of crazy Komolika. Mohini will not accept Anurag’s Sindoor Daan marriage with Prerna. Komolika will try her best to separate Prerna from Anurag and his life. She will take the extreme step to marry Anurag. Prerna’s love story will be soon failing because of Komolika.

Krishna Chali London:
Krisha is mistaken to be pregnant when she shows symptoms of pregnancy like dizziness and nausea. Shuklain gets the pregnancy confirmed by a Daaima. Krishna learns about the huge misunderstanding when she is asked to perform a puja for the coming child. Krishna clears the matter to them and tells about she isn’t pregnant. Shuklain thinks Krishna isn’t aware of her pregnancy and tells her that their Radhe is returning to them in the form of the coming child.

Mannat constantly intervenes between Aditi and her tasks. Aditi finds a great chance to make Mannat fall down in Shivaansh’s sight. She often complains about Mannat to him so that when something goes wrong against Varun and her, she can put the blame on Mannat. Shivaansh gets disappointed and upset with Mannat. He asks her not to create hurdles in Aditi’s work, since Aditi is managing the house security. Aditi plants a seed of suspicion in Shivaansh’s mind.


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