Yeh Rishta Mohena Singh aka Kirti’s miraculous re-entry

Yeh Rishta Mohena Singh aka Kirti's miraculous re-entry

Yeh Rishta Mohena Singh aka Kirti wakes up from Coma. Everyone likes Kartik’s choice of name. They name the baby Krish. Kirti learns this in the state of coma and gets happy within. She feels like Krish is her son after hearing them naming the baby as Krish. Naira asks Kartik why did he name baby as Krish. Kartik recollects Kirti’s choice and reminds Naira that he has kept Kirti’s selected name. He apologizes to Naira. She tells him that he could have told her before, she would have not refused to him. She tells him that baby is lucky to get Kirti’s blessed name. They celebrate with the baby. Naksh tells Kirti that Kartik and Naira have named the baby Krish. He gets happy that Krish will fill the place of their child. When Kirti awakens, Naksh gets too happy and runs to shout out the huge news to the family. He tells the family about Kirti’s awakening.

Naksh shouts out his happiness. They can’t believe the miracle for them. They get too happy and meet Kirti, while Kartik gets restrained by guilt. Naira meets Kirti and wishes her a good future. The family gets glad to see Kirti responding to them. Naksh gets thankful to Kirti for coming back to him.

Kartik can’t think of parting with the child because of Naira. He doesn’t want to do injustice with Kirti. He remembers his promise made to Kirti. Kirti holds her memories regarding the child. Kartik dreams of snatching baby from Naira. Naira finds Kartik behaving strange. Kartik asks her if Kirti has asked about the baby and her delivery. Naira tells him that Kirti wants to know about her baby. He gets jitters and breaks down emotionally. Naira wants to know the matter from him. He sheds a ton of tears, which worries Naira. She asks him to meet Kirti. He doesn’t divulge anything. Kirti isn’t aware of Naira’s baby loss. She realizes Krish is her child. Everyone feels bad for Kirti, knowing Kirti has lost her child.

Kirti longs for her child. The family wishes that Kirti’s courage and willingness to live don’t end. They regret that Kirti doesn’t have her child anymore. They don’t know how to avoid her question for long. Kartik fears that truth will come out. Rukmani suggests them to give Naira’s child to Kirti and lie to her. The family doesn’t agree to lie, while Kartik’s heart gets punched by guilt once again.


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