Silsila Kunal Nandini relation gets revived by Pari

Silsila Kunal Nandini relationship revisited WHY

Silsila Kunal Nandini relation memories get revisited by Kunal. Ishaan gets fed up with his fights with Mauli. He doesn’t want to just fight and make up. He doesn’t want to apologize this time. He wants Mauli to apologize to him. He tells Mauli that she is wrong to neglect his feelings. Mauli waits for Ishaan’s call. She gets flowers from Kunal. She assumes Ishaan is the sender. She then learns Kunal has sent the flowers and gets upset. Kunal tells her that he has sent her favorite flowers to express his love. He wants Mauli back at home soon. Pari and Mishti plan to take Kunal out so that they can remind him the fast. Kunal likes spending time with them and agrees for the outing.

Pari knows that Kunal will realize the past if she takes him home. Mishti wishes that Pari’s plan works. The girls try to make excuses and begin their secret planning. Pari asks Kunal to help her and take her home. Kunal tells her that he wants to seek permission from Ishaan first. Pari insists him to take her to her home soon without calling Ishaan. Kunal agrees to her. He asks her to guide him the directions.

Radhika learns that Kunal has gone out with kids. She informs this shocking thing to Mauli. She gets too panicking when Mauli tells her that Kunal may get an attack on knowing the truth. Mauli wants to check on Kunal herself and get him home. Kunal takes Pari to her house. He bonds with her. Pari hopes that he remembers the past. Mauli calls Mishti to know about Kunal. She doesn’t want kids and Kunal to fall in any kind of trouble. Mishti answers Mauli’s call.

Mauli asks them not to tell anything to Kunal. Pari tells Mishti that they are just helping Kunal and Mauli. She is sure that this step will make everything fine. Kunal visits his house and gets his memories flashing out. He connects with the house where he lived with his love Nandini. Pari and Mishti let him revive his memories so that Mauli’s life gets free from complications. Mishti wants Mauli and Ishaan to marry soon.

The kids know that this can happen only if Kunal gets out of Mauli’s life. Kunal gets memories of Nandini shockingly and can’t believe that he had cheated Mauli for someone else. He gets in disbelief. Mauli rushes to stop him and keep everything a secret. Kunal wants to know about Nandini. He finds her pictures in the house. He gets compelled to think further about his past, and strains his mind. Mauli reaches Kunal to calm him down.


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