TR’s Quick Reads YHM Ishqbaaz Udaan Kasautii

YHM Ishqbaaz Udaan Kasautii

Quick Reads YHM Ishqbaaz Udaan Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag and Prerna make a love confession and prepare to convince the families for their marriage. Anurag promises to never leave her ever, no matter what destiny brings for them. Komolika becomes the negative source in their lives. She plays her cards and gets Moloy killed and Mohini traumatized to put the entire blame on Prerna. She separates Anurag from Prerna by planting this shocking event in his life. She is sure that Anurag won’t be able to forgive Prerna. Komolika persuades Anurag to marry her.

Internet Wala Love: Rupa doesn’t like Aadhya. She feels Aadhya is trapping Jai for money. She doesn’t think Aadhya can match to their rich standards. She troubles Aadhya every time. Jai saves Aadhya from the fire. When he faints due to smoke, he is rushed to hospital. Rupa realizes that Jai really loves Aadhya since he has risked his life for her. Rupa and Aadhya cry for Jai and ask him to get fine for their sake. She gives Aadhya’s hand in Jai’s hand and accepts Aadhya for him. She unites them. This news brings happiness for Dadu and Jai’s friends. Jai and Aadhya hug. Rupa believes that Jai and Aadhya are perfect for each other. Shubhankar doesn’t think so. Rupa tells Aadhya that Jai is her happiness and she can do anything for him. She is left with no option than to accept Jai’s love. Rupa and Shubhankar have many differences between them. They see everyone dancing happily in the hospital with Jai and Aadhya.

Jai prepares to go home. He gets fine with Rupa’s gifted happiness. Jai and Aadhya want to get their Roka done. They look ahead for their marriage. Rupa and Shubhankar want to change their mindset for the sake of their children. Jai plans a lovely proposal for Aadhya.

Roop saves Ishika from the fire. He finds his family in trouble. Roop learns that Shamsher is still in his room and sleeping. Shamsher doesn’t wake up. Roop rushes to save Shamsher. He faces the challenge and saves both Ishika and Shamsher at the same time. Samru has ignited the fire to trap Roop and his family. He wants to kill them to take revenge of Ranvir’s death. He fails the fire ignition blame on Shamsher by handing over a candle to Shamsher. Roop finds Shamsher holding the candle in sleep. He gets a misconception and blames Shamsher for calling danger home. Shamsher reprimands Roop for his blames. She can’t believe that his family thinks such about him, that he would ignite fire in his own house and risk their lives. Roop fails Samru’s plans by rescuing lives, but tensions don’t subside. Samru gets Shamsher in his control. He wins Shamsher’s trust. He wants to weaken Shamsher and Roop’s relation.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Yug is very happy since he gets a clue of Aaliya’s address. He meets Aaliya once again. His friends follow Aaliya and get to know her address. Yug gets the address confirmed. He shares his happiness and thanks his best friends. Yug wants to ask Aaliya’s parents for Aaliya’s hand. He isn’t aware that Aaliya is already married to Rohan. He visits Bhalla house and gets to know that its Raman and Ishita’s house, and Aaliya was their Bahu before. Yug gets a big shock knowing about Aaliya’s marriage. He gets a heartbreak.

Lallan finds Imli and stops her from informing Chakor about Bhanu’s next plans. Lallan and his goons attempt to kill Imli. Imli beats the goons by picking a stick. She tries to protect her life, until Chakor comes and takes Raghav with her safely. Chakor reaches there and saves Imli. She beats the goons. Lallan is about to shoot Chakor. Imli witnesses this and wants to save her elder sister to repent for her mistakes. Imli alerts Chakor when Lallan shoots at her. Imli gives her life for Chakor and gets shot. She makes a sacrifice with a genuine heart. Lallan wants to kill Raghav too. Chakor succeeds to protect Raghav, but loses out Imli.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika and Sahil learn that Ved is cured now. Doctor breaks the news to the that Ved is completely stable and now they can take Ved home. Vedika cries out of happiness. Sahil is grateful that everything went well. They get happy. They have faced many difficulties to cure Ved. They feel like they have achieved a big thing by succeeded in this big task. They share their happiness and hug.

Munni gets kidnapped by Varun. He misleads Mannat that Shivaansh is the reason behind the kidnapping. Mannat vents out her frustration on Shivaansh. She tags him the villain of her life. She gets insulting Shivaansh to give it back to him. She wants to find Munni at any cost. She rebukes Shivaansh for taking revenge on her by using a little kid. Shivaansh is innocent, but doesn’t clarify anything to her.


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