TGI Friday’s Spoilers Kumkum Kundali and more

TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

TGI Friday’s Spoilers Kumkum Kundali Bhagya: Monisha tries to dominate Karan and tells him that she will ruin his life after their marriage and she doesn’t like him. She asks him to do whatever she asks him to do, as she doesn’t want King, but wife’s Servant and says like it is said to hand packed husband. She asks if he understood. Karan looks at her angrily but controls his anger. Sherlyn informs Prithvi that the family members are trying to stop the marriage. Prithvi tells her that he will make sure that Monisha marries Karan for their revenge. Preeta comes up with a plan to save Karan from Monisha. Billa runs from jail and comes to the marriage.

Rajaa Beta: The family members get shocked seeing Purva returning home after facing so much insult. Purva tells them that this is her house and she has returned here for her husband. Ramesh gets angry. Purva decides to resume her old job and is going late in the night. Ramesh stops her and questions her where is she going? Purva says she is resuming her old job. Ramesh tells that Tripathi family have respect in society and says he will not get it stained. Purva questions Dadi if a girl can’t do a job after marriage. Vedant questionably asks job? Dadi asks Vedant if Purva hasn’t told him about his job.

Later, Purva gets arrested by the Police for the crime which she hasn’t done. She shouts and tells that she is innocent and haven’t done anything. Dadi asks Vedant to feel pity on innocent tears of Purva and tell everything to Police. Vedant says I can’t send family members to jail for saving Purva. Dadi asks him not to argue for selfish relations and says Purva is your everything and asks him to leave this family and save her. Vedant has to choose between family and wife.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi and Pragya’s lives are in danger in terrorists’ captivity. Pragya insists Abhi to marry her after all their misunderstandings get cleared. King, Aaliya, Tanu, and Chachi reach the mall worrying about Pragya and Abhi. Chachi tells King that she came to know about the truth. Aaliya tells the truth to King and tells him that Pragya and Abhi were married and loved each other. King gets shocked and thinks why Pragya has hidden the fact from him that Abhi is the Mumbai guy who betrayed her.

Shakti: Varun calls Kinnar to Soumya and insults her. Sweety comes there but doesn’t hear their conversation. Saya and other kinnars reach Sukha’s house and push Gurmeet inside the house. Varun tells Sukha that they shall push the kinnars out the same way. He asks Soumya to push kinnars with her hands. Neighbors ask Soumya to push them out. Sukha also asks her. Soumya asks kinnars why they want to create a scene and asks them to leave. She pushes them out being helpless. Sukha insults Harak Singh in front of the neighbors whom he invited for breakfast and tells that Harak Singh sent his bahu to work as a maid in his house.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan: Rukmani is chatting with Rivaaj. She doesn’t know she is falling prey to him. Rivaaj targets Rukmani to know about Rani. Rukmani has a liking for Rivaaj and falling in love with him. Rivaaj tells his friend that he will end the act and goes to Rani’s house. He crazily looks at Rani. Rani opens her eyes just then, but she doesn’t see him as he hides. Rivaaj makes Raghav sleep after giving him drugged lollipop to slow down his mind.


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