Silsila Kunal attempts to uncover Mauli’s big lie

Silsila Kunal attempts to uncover Mauli's big lie

Silsila Kunal attempts to know the truth when he finds Ishaan and Mauli exchanging romantic gestures and eyelocks. He plays truth and dare with the family. He finds Ishaan interesting in Mauli, when Ishaan tells him that he is in love with someone special. Mauli doesn’t want the truth to come out. She gets happy with Ishaan’s confession. Kunal asks Mauli to kiss the person she loves the most, hoping she will be kissing him. Mauli decides to kiss the kids and gets saved from his trick. Kunal tells her that she is cheating him this way. Kunal enjoys the family picnic and plays games. Kunal gets suspicious of Ishaan on seeing him staring at Mauli a lot. He wants to know if Ishaan is in love with Mauli.

Everyone gets happy to spend the day nicely with the family. They enjoy every bit of the fun. Kunal stays stressed about Ishaan. He tells them that Ishaan isn’t their family. He talks to Mauli about Ishaan. He tells them that Ishaan has confessed about his love for someone.

He feels Ishaan should get remarried, since its not easy to raise the kids alone. He asks Mauli what’s her opinion about Ishaan’s marriage. Mauli tells her that she doesn’t know Ishaan much and can’t give him any answer.

She gets irritated to answer him. Kunal gets more doubtful with her angry reaction on her question. Kids are happy that they have celebrated the picnic together. Pari finds the family perfect. She wants Mauli to be with Kunal. Ishaan gets upset hearing Pari’s words. Mishti finds him really depressed and tries to cheer her. Ishaan takes care of the kids. Mishti asks him to express his pain and vent it out. She apologizes to him for not thinking of his pain. She tells him that he will always be her father, no matter what happens in Mauli and Kunal’s lives. Ishaan gets emotional with Mishti’s assurance.

He tells her that he loves her a lot and she is his priority too. He asks her to decide and choose her father. He tells her that even if she chooses Kunal as her father, he will still continue to love her the most. He wishes Mauli and Mishti to stay happy from their hearts, since he finds happiness in their happiness. Meanwhile, Dida, Radhika and Mauli make plans to help Kunal regain his lost memory. Radhika feels they should have some initiative and try to remind Kunal about Nandini.

Mauli doesn’t know anything about Kunal and Nandini’s past. Radhika wants to take Pari’s help and know about Nandini. Mauli gets a sweet surprise from Ishaan. She receives the cake and tells them that Ishaan and kids have sent it. She gets too glad seeing the gift. Kunal finds it off that Ishaan has sent the cake for Mauli. He gets more offended when Mauli and family appear happy with Ishaan’s gift. Kunal gets jealous seeing Mauli’s happiness over Ishaan’s gesture. He gets questioning Mauli for her odd friendship with Ishaan.


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