High Five Spoilers Yeh Un Dinon Ek Thi Rani and more

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Yeh Un Dinon Ek Thi Rani and more spoilers. Rajaa Beta: Vedant meets Vijay and talks about Purva’s cooking business through his App. Vijay agrees. Vedant thinks he has taken out the middle way. Ramesh gets furious to know that Purva’s business will start. Gomti, Ramesh and others make a plan to close Purva’s business, and add something in the food. Many Patients consumes drugged food and falls severely ill. Purva gets arrested by the Police and pleads her innocence. Dadi asks Vedant to free Purva and expose the real guilty. Vedant is in dilemma whom to choose, if he chooses Purva’s freedom then he has to send his family behind bars.

Internet Wala Love: Rupa sees Aadhya crying badly and thinks if she had accepted her then this wouldn’t have happened. She blames herself indirectly. Aadhya cries badly and asks Jai to get up. Rupa says she has lost and her love has won. She says she accepts their alliance and gives Aadhya’s hand in Jai’s hand. Aadhya is shocked. Rupa asks Jai to open his eyes. Jai is still critical and unconscious. Aadhya and Rupa cry badly. Shubhankar’s anger also melts down seeing Aadhya and Jai’s love for each other.

Shakti: Maninder gets softened towards Soumya when she tells that she wishes Soham to stay with him rather than with Varun, as she loves him a lot. He regrets his decision to support Varun before. Soumya comes home in the night. Harman asks her if she met Soham. Soumya hugs him and cries telling that they didn’t let him meet Soham even once. Harman takes out a wine bottle and asks Soumya to come with him. He takes her to Sukha’s house. Soumya hides, while Harman shouts calling Sukha, Gurmeet and Varun. He throws wine bottle on the ground so that they wake up and come out hearing him. Sukha, his family and Varun come out. Sukha smiles seeing Harman. Harman signs Soumya to go inside. Soumya secretly goes inside the house and takes Soham in her hand and hugs him, While Harman does the drama outside and makes Sukha and his family busy.

Roop: Ishika and Roop wake up while their room is set on fire. Ishika shouts for help. Roop tries to make Ishika reach safety. He manages to save themselves from the fire. Shamsher is drugged and sleeps still. Roop sees a candle in Shamsher’s hand and misunderstands him for setting the fire in their room. Bua and Samru provoke Roop against Shamsher. They succeed to create a big rift between father and son.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer gets tensed thinking about Naina if Rakesh doesn’t come to attend the marriage. Kamlesh and Prabha plan to insult Rakesh. They try to put hurdles in their marriage. Naina and Sameer get ready for their marriage. Naina waits for Rakesh to come. Rakesh makes a surprise entry, but gets too late. Naina faces many taunts until he arrives. Even though, his arrival brings happiness for Sameer and Naina.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan: Rani spies on Rukmani and sees her meeting Rivaaj. Rukmani asks Rivaaj if he loves her truly. Rivaaj gets angry and slits his hand shocking Rukmani and Rani. Rani is standing far and is shocked to see his madness. She thinks to protect Rukmani from him and doubts Rivaaj still. Rukmani falls in Rivaaj’s trap and hugs him believing in his fake love. Rivaaj’s next target is Rukmani after Anjali. He plans to do the same with her and clear his way to reach Rani. Shivraj thinks of Raghav’s words about his liking for Rani and that he wants to see her as his life partner.


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