Yeh Rishta Dreaded fate for Kartik shockingly

Yeh Rishta Dreaded fate for Kartik shockingly

Yeh Rishta Dreaded fate twist. Everyone begs Naira to give Krish to Kirti. When Naira doesn’t listen, Naksh decides to take Kirti home. Kirti begs Naira to give her Krish once so that she can embrace him. She cries for Krish and asks Naira to not separate her baby from her. She asks her not to do the injustice with baby. Naksh tells Kirti that Naira is much upset and maybe they should just leave now. Kirti doesn’t understand being a longing mother. Kirti tells Naira that she will return Krish to her after meeting once. Naira sheds tears and fears of losing Krish. Manish reprimands Kartik for doing injustice with both Kirti and Naira.

Kartik leaves the house while shedding tears of sorrow and regret. He didn’t know he will face this day. He finds everyone blaming him for all the wrong reasons. He wants to hide from them. He feels sorry for his misdeeds. He wants Naira to forgive him and understand. Kirti refuses to go home without Krish. Naira can’t help herself in the situation.

The family wonders how they will be managing the situation. Dadi gets worried for Kartik, when she finds him absent at home for a long time. Naira comes to terms with reality after much self explanation. She decides to hand over Krish to Naksh and Kirti. Naira doesn’t want to snatch Kirti’s baby.

She fears of losing Krish time to time. She fights with her fears and wants to leave her rights on Krish. Kirti tells Manish and Dadi that she doesn’t want to go home without Krish. Naksh insists Kirti to come with him. Manish doesn’t have any concern left for Kartik. He tells Dadi that its better if Kartik doesn’t return home.

Naira stops Kirti from leaving and hands over the baby to Kirti. She makes the sacrifice of her motherly love for Kirti’s sake. She tells Kirti that Kartik has given her the baby, but she can’t do any such crime of separating a baby from mum. She tells Kirti that she has explained herself and reached the right decision. She cries while giving Krish back to his parents. The family gets emotional.

Naira tells them that she will never ask for Krish again. Naira congratulates Krish that he got his real parents. She gets heartbroken. She acts strong in front of them and breaks within. The family feels sorry for Naira. They find hard to digest the truth. They don’t want to forgive Kartik for this big mistake. Dadi still worries for Kartik. She wants to know where is Kartik. Manish tells them that they should support Naira and be with her in the moment where Kartik has cheated her. He tells them that Kartik has given the biggest trauma to Naira this way.

Dadi wants Kartik to return home, since Naira needs him. Kartik finds Kirti and Naksh going home with the baby. He wonders what is Naira going through. He rushes to apologize to Naksh and Kirti. He fears to know about Naira’s plight. Kartik meets with his dreaded fate when he faces a major accident twist. Kartik’s accident news reaches Dadi, who gets shattered with the fear of losing her dearest grandson Kartik.


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