Yeh Rishta New Fears and Difficulties come true

YRKKH Ishqbaaz Ghatbandhan

Yeh Rishta New Fears for Kaira. Naira wants to meet Kartik to get answers. She doesn’t know why Kartik didn’t let her cry for her baby loss. She gets upset that he has taken all the decisions alone. She wants to talk to him. She longs to meet him. Dadi gets the shocking news of Kartik’s big accident. She shouts to the family to tell them about Kartik’s accident. She signs a big relief when she finds Kartik fine. Kartik tells them that he wants to meet Naira and console her. Manish and Akhilesh don’t let him meet Naira. They blame him for making Naira more sorrowful. Kartik justifies his actions. He longs to meet Naira. He asks Dadi to tell them and let him meet Naira. Manish tells them that Kartik is harmful for Naira now.

He protects Naira from all sort of sorrow. He tells Kartik that its his duty to protect Naira. He asks Kartik how can he have such bad thinking and intentions. He asks his son to leave them alone. Kartik begs them to let him meet Naira. Kartik gets reprimanded by Manish. Dadi asks them to let Kartik talk to Naira once.

Manish doesn’t budge. Kartik shouts to reach Naira. He tells them that they can’t stop his voice from reaching Naira. He is sure that Naira will not hate him. Naira sinks in sorrow. He wants to speak to her once and explain why he has taken such a decision that time. Manish asks him to check Naira’s medical records and think of the trauma he has given her. They ask Kartik to stay away from Naira until she gets fine. Manish promises to look after Naira. He doesn’t want to face Kartik again. Kirti and Naksh try to console Krish, who got habitual to Naira. They realize that Krish is missing Naira.

Naksh asks Kirti not to get any thoughts in mind and keep patience. He understands Naira’s pain. He feels he didn’t attain the real happiness which he wanted. He feels guilty to snatch Naira’s happiness. Naksh and Kirti think of Naira’s sorrow. The family suggests them to accept Krish happily and keep him well. They pray for Naira, who really needs their blessing.

Kartik tries reaching Naira to apologize to her. Naira prefers to stay alone. Dadi asks Manish to forgive Kartik once, since even Kartik has lost his baby. Manish tells Dadi that he will not forgive Kartik easily. He asks Dadi to make Kartik realize his mistake. He can’t forget how Kartik has cheated them badly. They love Kartik and are much hurt by his misdeed. Manish doesn’t want anyone to help Kartik. He throws out Kartik from the house to punish him for his evil deed. Naira tries to call Kartik and meet him. Kartik gets his phone back. He gets glad to see her call. He wants to explain her what made him take his life’s biggest decision. She gives him a chance to explain himself. They decide to meet. He gets hopeful that she will understand him.


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