YHM Love troubles for Aaliya get double

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Critical situation for Aaliya

YHM Love troubles. Ruhi and Karan discuss business work. Karan tries to charm Ruhi so that she falls for him once again. Ruhi asks Karan to handle the work, until she finishes her work. Karan watches her take Ranbir’s interview. Ruhi likes Ranbir’s academics. She gets impressed with him. Ranbir tells her that he has not worked in between, since he had to stay with his dad. He tells her that he loves his dad a lot and doesn’t regret leaving his career for his dad. He tells her that he knows about Raman’s story. He also wants to work with Raman in his company. Ruhi hires Ranbir. He gets happy to work with her. Karan finds Ranbir a fake guy who has just impressed Ruhi by his lies. Ruhi tells Karan that she has seen Ranbir’s genuine goodness. She asks Karan not to teach her about handling work and hiring new talents.

Ishita and Raman learn about Aaliya’s love for Rohan. They learn that Aaliya has kept a fast for Rohan out of love. Rohan gets happy to know that Aaliya loves him a lot. He feels bad for her state. He apologizes to them.

Karan does some charity to impress Ruhi. She doesn’t want to come in his words. They both get into an argument. Karan tells her that he wants her to believe him. Rohan rushes to the medical store to get some medicines for Aaliya. Shagun also feels that Rohan has changed for Aaliya.

Ishita and Shagun ask Raman to see the big change in Rohan, that’s only because of his love for Aaliya. They ask Raman to just believe Rohan once. Yug gets the news that Ranbir has got the job. He congratulates Ranbir. Ranbir tells him that he will soon throw a party for him. He shows Ruhi to Yug. He tells Yug that Ruhi is really nice, she is his boss. Karan comes across Yug when he meets Ranbir. He gets a huge shock on seeing Yug, who resembles Adi. Rohan gets the medicine cabinet for Aaliya, when he doesn’t get any chemist at the store. Ishita asks Rohan to secret the cabinet to to the chemist and also pay him well. Yug asks Karan why is he jealous if Ranbir is getting praised by his boss.

Ranbir asks Yug not to argue with Karan, who is related to his boss. Karan can’t believe Yug is Adi’s lookalike. Aaliya learns about Rohan’s concern for her. She laughs knowing his kiddish gesture to get the entire medicine cabinet for her. Raman doesn’t like Rohan. He doesn’t find anything cute in it, as the family tags Rohan.

Aaliya realizes Rohan loves her a lot. Ishita tells Aaliya that she will take care of Raman and talk to him regarding Rohan. Ruhi offers lift to Karan to return his favor. Rohan hides Sudha’s calls from Ruhi. He wants to inform her about Yug so that he can involve Yug in his plans against Aaliya. Rohan proposes to Aaliya. Aaliya accepts his proposal with all her happiness.


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