High Five Spoilers Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love and more spoilers. Ishqbaaz: Shivaansh and Mannat have their romantic moments unwillingly. They have the same tashan like Shivika in the Mirchi lights romantic scene. Shivaansh stays rude towards Mannat. He is in shock that he got cheated by her. He gets angry on her and goes on insulting her. Mannat knows that she is also at fault. Shivaansh is much hurt and not celebrating any happiness regarding his marriage. He doesn’t believe her story. He feels sorry for himself. Nani plans Mannat’s Mu Dikhai. Nani welcomes the pandit who got Shivaansh and Mannat married.

She asks Radhika and Shivani to get Mannat downstairs. She introduces her Bahu to everyone. Pandit tells Nani that he knows Mannat well, she is a nice girl and they are very lucky to get a Bahu like her. Nani totally agrees with him. She tells them that Shivaansh and Mannat’s pairing is made in heaven. Everyone showers gifts to Mannat. Mannat faces Shivaansh’s wrath again. He asks is she happy to get status of his wife in front of the world. He refuses to accept her as his wife. She tells him that she has married him unwillingly, she was helpless. He asks her why is she wearing the bridal signs then. He goes to wipe her sindoor, but Mannat stops him. She explains him the importance of sindoor.


Sitara realizes her mistake and apologizes to Viraj, while he is sleeping. Sitara sheds tears. Her tear drop makes him wake up. He asks her why is she crying. She tells him that she wants to just apologize to him. Nethra reaches there and takes Sitara along. She doesn’t want Sitara to reveal any truth about Vishlok. He is blank about Sitara’s truth. He loves Sitara and wants to marry her. Viraj will support Sitara on learning her truth.

Internet Wala Love:
Jai and Aadhya get close while they spend their time in the tent. Jai compliments her. He tells her that though he doesn’t believe in Kundlis and all, he is here to meet the pandit just for the sake of her happiness. He doesn’t want Aadhya to have any tensions in mind. Jai romances Aadhya. She is scared to get caught by their family. They learn that Vihaan is missing. Jai feels bad that he blasted anger on Vihaan last night. He wants to find his best friend. Vihaan is attacked by someone. Jai and Aadhya will be finding the attacker. PK and Karan fall under suspicion.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Arya gets a scholarship to study in the US. Guddu doesn’t want to support Arya’s studies. Sahil and Vedika try to solve the matter. Vedika asks Arya not to go abroad and focus on her family. Sahil supports Arya like always. They argue because of their different opinions. Ved gets upset seeing their argument. He locks up Sahil and Vedika inside the room so that they can sort their issues. Sahil and Vedika get into a cute moment while they stay locked together.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Elena gets a new alliance. The family meets Elena. Aisha welcomes the guests. Elena gets ready unwillingly. Zara and Zeenat help her. Zara wants Elena to follow her heart. She asks her to stay happy. Elena tells Zara that she isn’t ready for marriage. Zara promises to help her. She informs Kabeer about Elena’s wish. Kabeer doesn’t want to force Elena for the marriage. He apologizes to the groom’s family and tells them that he has done a mistake to try up fixing things in haste. Shahbaz faces the humiliation from the guests. Kabeer tells Shahbaz that they have to first think of Elena’s happiness and will. He supports Elena like a good brother.


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