Healthy Living: Hemoglobin rich foods

Healthy Living: Hemoglobin rich foods

Healthy Living: Hemoglobin is an iron-rich protein found in the red blood cells to transport oxygen from the lungs to the other cells of the body. A low hemoglobin level result in fatigue, anemia, muscle weakness, dizziness, headaches and can affect your cardiovascular system as well. The normal hemoglobin level for men ranges from 13.5% to 17.5%. For women, it ranges from 12% to 15.5%. So, maintaining a healthy hemoglobin levels is vital to your health and deficiency can have bad effects.

You can include the required amounts of iron, folate, and vitamins C in your diet to stay healthy. Low hemoglobin levels are often linked to low iron levels and adding iron rich foods to your diet is a simple way to promote the normal increase of hemoglobin levels.

Below are the foods to be taken to increase hemoglobin levels in a body.
1. Intake of Iron: Iron is very important for a healthy body as it improves the red blood cells and hemoglobin. You will suffer from anemia if you don’t have adequate hemoglobin.
2. Intake of Vitamin C: It helps to absorb iron in your body to improve hemoglobin levels. Add all the good sources of vitamin C like citrus fruits, leafy vegetables, tomatoes in your diet.
3. Intake of Folic acid and Vitamin B12: Citrus fruits, green vegetables are rich in folic acid. You can have sea food and meat to improve Vitamin B 12.

Simple food technique one can adopt at home:
1. Almonds: Soak 5 Almonds in water overnight. Remove the cover in the morning and have it. You have to consume almonds for atleast 2 weeks to get good hemoglobin in your body.
2. Fig: Dried figs are a good source of Iron. Soak 3 figs in a ¼ cup of water for 3 hours. Take the figs from water and eat it. You can even drink a cup of milk with the soaked figs.
3. Beet root: Take 1 beetroot, 1 carrot and 1 tomato. Grind them by adding some water and make a juice. Add 1 tsp of honey in a juice and drink on an empty stomach in the morning for a month.
4. Pomegranate: you have to consume 1 pomegranate daily with few raisins and almonds to boost iron and folate levels in your body.
5. Fenugreek (Methi) seeds: Soak 1 tsp of seeds over night in a cup of water and drink the water in the morning. It will give immense benefits to the body.


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