Helpful tips and remedies for skin in summer

healthy in hot summer

Helpful tips and remedies. During summer, our skin is likely to develop some or other problems due to high humidity and heat. With summer coming next month, People have started feeling the scorching heat of sun when they are outdoors during the day time. The burning heat can damage the skin, brings rashes, blisters and allergies. However, one can treat all the skin problems with simple home remedies, but these remedies will work as a wonder for minor rashes or infection. Depending upon the nature of your rashes and infection, you have to consult a Dermatologist.

Helpful remedies:
For oily skin: Summer is not at all friendly with oily skin people. The face looks oily and dull gives way to acne and pimples. Keep your body hydrated by drinking 10 glasses of water in a day.
1. Oats: Mix 2 tsp oats powder in 1 tsp of water with 1 tbsp of honey and apply on the face. Wash after 5 minutes to remove excess oil from the skin.
2. Baking soda: Take water and baking soda in 3:1 ratio and mix well. Apply on the affected skin and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

For sun burn: The harmful rays of sun will burn your skin that will be very painful and sometimes will darken the burned area. The burn will happen to exposed area of skin like hands, legs, face and neck. You have to wear light color and loose clothes that will cover most of the body. You can treat the burns with rose water, aloe vera gel or coconut oil.
1. Olive oil: Take olive oil and honey in equal ratio and apply the mixture on sun burn area to soothe the itchy skin.

2. Ice: Take ice cubes in a plastic bag and keep on the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes. This process will help to heal the skin damages and burns.
For rashes: Very common in summer and caused by over sweating with severe itching sensation. The rashes are small red dots on neck, face and back. Use moisturizers before going out during the day time
1. Aloe vera: Apply a paste of Aloe vera gel on then affected skin twice a day. It will reduce itching and burning sensation.
2. Apple cider vinegar: Dip a cotton ball in vinegar and gently rub on the rashes. Regular usage for few days will treat rashes and itching.


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