Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Upcoming twists post big revelation

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Upcoming twists post big revelation

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Upcoming twists. Lovely didn’t wish Sikandar to know the truth that Kulfi is Sikandar’s daughter. Sikandar learns the truth Kulfi is Nimrat and his daughter. He imagines a good family time with Nimrat and Kulfi. He misses Kulfi. He shares his pain with his family. He sheds tears and breaks down. Mohendar supports him. He tells Sikandar that he wants to find Kulfi and bring her home. He doesn’t reveal that he knew this truth, since he can’t answer Sikandar. He doesn’t tell Sikandar that Lovely was blackmailing them about Amyra. Sikandar reminisces his time with Kulfi. He doesn’t know what to do. He wants to bring his daughter to his home, where she belongs. The big twist shakes Sikandar completely.

He tells the family that Kulfi didn’t reach the hostel, she has left from their lives forever by making a sacrifice of her happiness. He wants to know from Lovely where did he send Kulfi. Lovely brings Amyra in between to get saved. She doesn’t want Sikandar to confront her. Sikandar spends time with Amyra.

He then goes to question Lovely. He scolds Lovely for snatching Kulfi’s mother and father, and leaving her far away as an orphan. Lovely takes support of Amyra once again. Sikandar tells her that Kulfi is his daughter and he wants her back. Lovely tells him that she has done everything for Amyra’s life. She emotionally blackmails Sikandar. He tells her that if Amyra is his daughter, Kulfi is also his daughter, he wants to do justice with Kulfi as well. He demands her to tell him where did she send Kulfi. Lovely doesn’t want to tell him anything about her evil plans.


Sikandar reprimands Lovely for being so selfish, and not thinking of anyone. He tells her that she has fallen more in his eyes. She asks him not to hurt Amyra, since she won’t be able to tackle more stress. Sikandar plays with Amyra and takes her away from the fights. Amyra doesn’t know about her parents’ fight. Sikandar doesn’t know that even Amyra has cheated him by hiding the big truth and supporting Lovely. Sikandar sinks in sorrow and wishes of a happy life with Nimrat and Kulfi.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:
Rocky is ashamed of his actions. Happy has saved Kulwant’s life. She impresses the family and wins their heart. Kulwant and Biji thank Happy for her timely help. Happy asks him to take care and not thank her. Kulwant tells Biji that if Happy didn’t come to help him, he would have died. Rocky meets the doctor and learns about Kulwant’s state. He feels guilty. He wants to reform so that he takes responsibility of the family. Kulwant tells Rocky that Happy has protected his life by fighting the goons, else the house would have burnt to ashes.

Rocky wants to know who has dared to burn his house. Everyone gets grateful to Happy. Rocky also sees a new side of Happy and wants to believe her. Biji feels Happy has done a big favor on them even when they have tortured Happy so much. She feels sorry to misunderstand Happy. Everyone believes in Chintu’s right choice and decision to marry Happy.


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