Kulfi Kumar held hostage; Sikandar confronts Lovely’s evil

Kulfi Kumar held hostage; Sikandar confronts Lovely's evil

Kulfi Kumar held hostage. Sikandar tells Lovely that he knows Kulfi is his daughter. He confronts her about sending her away. He tells her that he knows the fake form of the boarding school. She tells him that she has done everything for Amyra’s sake. He is sure that she knew the truth already about Kulfi, and had hidden it from him. He tells her that she has snatched Kulfi’s rights and family. She admits that she knew Kulfi and his blood connection. He confronts her misdeeds. He scolds her for betraying him so badly. She tells him that Amyra was dying to get his love. He scolds her for using Kulfi. He accepts Amyra as his daughter, but can’t bear injustice with Kulfi. He tells Lovely that she has done much wrong with Amyra and Kulfi.

He wants to protect Kulfi. He asks Lovely to tell him about Kulfi. He is sure that he will find his child. He tells her that he will show her what he can do for his daughter. He accepts her challenge and wants to bring back Kulfi. Sikandar meets his family. Lovely reveals to them that his family was also aware of the truth, and kept it hidden. She asks Sikandar to confront his family.

Sikandar gets disheartened. He asks them how did they hide the truth from him and why. He feels devastated that they have broken him so badly. He gets upset. He tells them that Lovely has kidnapped Kulfi and sent her away. He wishes that Lovely frees Kulfi. He doesn’t want anyone’s help. He wants to find Kulfi on his own. Mohendar also wants to find Kulfi. Sikandar wants to reach his daughter. He breaks down. Kulfi is held hostage by the fake principal of the boarding school. Sikandar feels he deserves this. He promises to always protect Kulfi once he finds her. Kulfi lands in danger when she meets the lady officer of juvenile home. She meets a strict lady. She greets the lady and wants to know who is she.

The lady tells her that she will not let her get peace. She gets instructions from Lovely. He wants to reform Kulfi, after believing Lovely’s words that Kulfi is a criminal. Lovely wants Kulfi to face hell in her life. Kulfi talks innocent. The lady thinks Kulfi is a clever criminal and trying to deceive her. Kulfi has no idea that she is in juvenile home. Sikandar decides to seek help from police.


  1. Not getting d storyline …when Tevar was well doing n ready to accept Amayra n lovely… Why lovely was not ready to go with him n let kulfi be with his father ??
    Why after knowing truth Tevar didn’t do anything n went away?
    Why sikandar cry’s all d time?
    Why lovely gave poison to amayra to be with sikandar ? Was she sure that poison will not hv any effect on amayra ?
    And what d hell dadi is doing? Just giving kasams to everyone?
    Good actors r getting wasted….

  2. Why only kulfi is being shown as the biggest sufferer excess of everything is bad kuli as a child performs fantastic lovely and Amarya are showing with extreme negativity which can have bad effect upon the illiterate and vulnerable audience enough is enough let Kulfi have happy time now let the mother daughter suffer due their I’ll deeds audience wants now Kulfi with her father

  3. Time waisting show. For reading diary he takes too much time. While he knew that this diary is his loved one. Unnecessarily increasing this show.

  4. Overall I love the passion of a father to get her daughter. And the pure love revealing between them… Never stop this show but give day by day twist n plz give a grand entry to Tevar ,there is a big zeal to see him again in the show lv his performance too.

  5. The show is simply dragging with no logic in the story line. Public is not a fool to accept this and continue watching. There are many other shows that are worth watching.


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