High Points Aapke Aa Jane Se and Ishq SubhanAllah

High Points Aapke Aa Jane Se and Ishq SubhanAllah

High Points Aapke Aa Jane Se. Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara succeeds to expose Zeenat’s drama. Sameer calls Zeenat and asks about their plan. Zara answers the call and puts it on speaker. Everyone gets to hear Zeenat’s evil planning with Sameer and Salamat. Shahbaz gets angry on Zeenat and Kashan for attempting to ruin Elena’s life. Zeenat doesn’t want to lose so soon. She gets scolding from Kabeer and Zara. She has no interest in keeping relations with anyone. She wants to reap benefits. She begins her drama when her mistake gets caught. Aamir and Elena get married. Kabeer and Shahbaz bless Aamir. The family gives their best wishes to Aamir and Elena. Zara is very happy for Elena. She wanted Elena to stay happy with her love.

Elena’s prayers get answered. Zara becomes a big medium to unite them by convincing the family. Zara doesn’t want Kabeer to stay annoyed with her. They hurriedly organize Aamir and Elena’s Valima, knowing Zeenat’s new plan to spread the Valima invitations. They welcome the guests. Sameer gets angry that his game has finished. He wants to kidnap Elena at gun point. Salamat doesn’t let him do anything in madness and takes Sameer with him.

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Sahil and Vedika get together after he clears her misunderstanding. Badi Amma welcomes them home. Sahil is very happy to get Vedika’s belief back. He plans an outing with Vedika. Everyone is happy for their union. Sahil and Vedika feel glad that no one is between their love story now. Badi Amma wants them to stay happy and wards off bad sight. She feels something bad is about to happen. She doesn’t want Sahil and Vedika to go away from the home. Sahil promises to protect Vedika. They meet Ved and Arya. They ask family to take care of their children. Badi Amma calms her fears while they go away. Badi Amma prays that they stay fine.


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