Silsila Kunal regains memory; Ishaan makes a big sacrifice

Silsila Kunal regains memory; Ishaan makes a big sacrifice

Silsila Kunal regains memory. Mauli fights with her biggest dilemma where she has to choose between her ex-husband Kunal and future husband Ishaan. She has undead feelings for Kunal which she realized meeting him after many years. His memory loss brings new hopes for her family picture. She can’t forget Ishaan’s true efforts in keeping up her joy and peace. She feels torn between choosing Kunal and Ishaan. She can’t skip the support Ishaan has given her. She also can’t get over her love for Kunal. She wants to get some answers. She wishes her life wasn’t so complicated. She meets Ishaan and wants to know his state.

Ishaan tells her that he is fine. She knows he is hiding his emotional breakdown. She spends time with the kids. Kunal’s memories continue to disturb her. She doesn’t want Kunal to snatch Ishaan’s rights on their family. She feels guilty for breaking Ishaan’s peace. She tells the kids that Kunal will soon remember the past. Ishaan wants to cheer them and turn them smiling once again.

Ishaan tells them that he will always be there to take care of the kids. Mauli feels indebted to Ishaan. Kunal gets his memories back in fragments. He learns the truth that Mishti is his daughter with Mauli, while he had a daughter with Nandini as well, that’s Pari.

He gets a huge shock when the past fragments gives him jitters. He regains his memory recalling his accident. He meets Radhika and Dida, to know about Pari. They get glad to know that he got fine. He asks Radhika to call Mauli fast. He doesn’t want to complicate Mauli’s life. Ishaan advises Mauli to accept Kunal and give him a second chance in her life. He wants to make things easy for Mauli. He sacrifices his love and doesn’t want her to face more tensions. He requests her to leave him, and move on in life with Kunal.

She gets a huge shock with his huge sacrifice. He knows that Mauli is drawn to Kunal because of their old memories, but he doesn’t want her to get troubled. He tells her that person should always choose love over anything else. Mauli doesn’t know what to tell him. He tells her that he will always be her friend. He asks her to leave worry regarding the kids, since he will be happy to be their guardian. He promises to always take a stand for him.

Mauli doesn’t want to hurt him. He asks her not to think about him, and just think of her future with Kunal. He advises her to go back to Kunal. Her dilemma doesn’t get solved, but gets more tangled after seeing Ishaan’s sacrifice.

He tells her that he has felt that she still loves Kunal. He reveals how Kunal wanted to unite them and helped him in winning her heart. He feels Kunal is a nice person and she should forget him for his cheat in the past. He wants Mishti and Pari to get both their parents. Radhika calls Mauli home urgently. Mauli gets worried for Kunal. Kunal feels guilty for ruining Mauli and Ishaan’s relation, and leaving his little daughter alone.

Dida asks Kunal to accept Mauli as his wife again. She wants Kunal and Mauli to get married. Dida tells Kunal that its high time that they should get together for the sake of their daughters. He feels bad for whatever he has done with Mauli. Mauli reaches home and panics for Kunal’s state. Mauli gets the good news that Kunal has regained his memory. Kunal apologizes to her. She gets overjoyed that their life will not be complicated now. She forgives him. Dida wishes Mauli and Kunal to marry. Kunal refuses for the marriage. He wants Mauli to decide for her future. He doesn’t want to become selfish and write her fate. He expresses his will to rectify the past mistakes and set their lives on track. What will Mauli decide? Keep reading.


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